Call for Sanity, Message of Hope

By: Steve Smith

culture_1Hey, people of Iran. People of Russia. People of Iraq and Afghanistan. People of the world wherever you are. I’m an American. I live in the U.S. I was born here. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. I want all of you to know that I’m not your enemy. I’m your brother. I think your lives and your freedoms and your dignity are just as important as my next door neighbor’s.

What I do hate is your government. Just as I hate my government. Just as I hate all governments. Because what governments do is pit us against each other. What governments do is brainwash us into worshiping symbols and flags and to glorify death. What governments do is impose their will on their citizens. And the powerful ones try to impose their will on the citizens of other countries. What governments do is fool us into believing that we are enemies. We are not enemies. We are one family. They are our enemies.

Why do so many of us continue to play into their hands? Why do so many of us continue to believe their lies and propaganda? I know in my heart that thinking Americans do not want their government to continue to terrorize the people of the Middle East. I know in my heart that the thinking people of Iran do not want to slaughter Americans. I know in my heart that no thinking people anywhere want to slaughter and oppress their fellow man. It’s only their governments and those who have been conditioned and brainwashed by their governments who want to do those things.

I beg you all, my fellow world citizens, to reject their agenda of hate and division and murder. I beseech every thinking human to strive to remember that borders are artificial lines on maps drawn by those who want us divided. Who want us to hate each other. Because when we hate each other it serves their purposes. It perpetuates the evil.

We have come to a point in history where we have the ability, the tools, the power to come together. To once and for all reject the psychopathic ruling class. To work together to bring about a new age of wisdom. Of love and peace. I love you all.

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