Update 3 -To Ted McMeekin: This is an urgent matter, I need you to respond

McMeekinDear Mr. McMeekin,

Over a week ago, I called your constituency office in Waterdown and inquired about a provincial law requiring that landlords of apartment buildings switch from heating to air-conditioning not earlier than on May 15 each year. This is an old law that has been in place for more than 30 years. It does not take into account the global warming. My question was, “Can this law be corrected to reflect the climate change?”

In our apartment building, we have many elderly people, some with a severe heart condition. A few years ago, an elderly tenant died of heart attack during a heat wave, before the air-conditioning was switched on. This past week, we had temperatures of 24 – 29 degrees Celsius – (which felt much higher inside the building), while the “normal” temperature for this time of the year is around 17 degrees. I need to know what can be done to change the law in order to prevent more tragic deaths and to create humane conditions for all tenants.

When I called your Waterdown office, I spoke to a female employee. She took my telephone number and promissed that “somebody from the ministry” would call me back. Nobody has called me, yet. I would like my MPP to contact me and advise me what can be done to resolve this issue. This is an urgent matter, one that cannot wait for months.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and help,

Lech Biegalski

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