What happened to “our” chemtrails?

Did you notice? The summer of 2017 was chemtrails-free. Or, at least of the visible, daytime chemtrails. Early in the year, they disappeared from the blues skies but still were hunting us at night. Then, they were gone for good. What happened? This was an unusually cool summer that contradicted the idea of a global warming. Or, did it? Maybe it was just a temporary phenomenon resulting from the melting of ice caps and glaciers? Melting ice consumes energy, so it cools down the atmosphere, and the ocean with its currents that travel towards the equator. But this cooling effect will only last as long as we have a melting ice. And what then?

Anyway, here is an interesting account of the research done by a private citizen of California on this very topic:

Since the chemtrails in our neck of the woods appeared in mid-1990-s, a drastic reduction of fish population was noticed in lakes and rivers in Ontario, Canada. This was “explained” in various ways, for example as a result of winter kill, but there were some warm winters afterwards and the fish population did not recover.

Whales and other animals began to escape from oceans, landing on beaches and committing collective suicide. So, why did our rulers need the chemtrails?

An alternative explanation is this: – the chemtriails were used to actually cause the global warming, as a justification for off-shoring our industries to China and other cheap countries. This was done to maximize the profits of the investors and speculators, at the expense of our own citizens who lost their jobs, houses, pensions, etc. It is a well known fact that temperatures in low pressure areas, covered with clouds, are usually higher than temperatures in high pressure areas and clear skies. Clouds act as a “blanket” that keeps the heat from escaping upwards. Plus, if the justification behind these operations or experiments was legitimate, why would the governments not explain it to the public. Obviously, they are hiding something. Or, at least, they try. In 2017, something has changed in this “conspiracy”. Have we reached environmental safety lines, has it become too obvious, have some political decisions been made? Or, have the experiments been moved elsewhere? The sudden disappearance of chemtrails in Southern Ontario, Canada indicates that this action has been stopped, or at least, temporarily suspended in our skies. For now.


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