OVERCAST – Climate Engineering


It is entirely possible that some influential “elites” carry out a depopulation project and that the governments go along because it eliminates the need of providing populations with jobs, food, and shelter. It also solves the problem of paying pensions to retiring baby boomers. Of course, they could not pay our pensions for XX years, if we were healthy and lived long. Why? Because they had already spent the money. Also, because the inflation has eaten the money.

They don’t mention the fact that we, the baby boomers have contributed to the fund, so the money should be there, even though today, less people work and contribute than in “our time” – (we often hear that, don’t we?).

Hold on – it’s either, or. Either the government cannot pay pensions because the baby boomers are retiring and less people now contribute to the pension plan (in which case the question is, “What happened to the money that the baby boomers contributed?”), or there is an exponentially growing population that justifies depopulation programs. One of these stories must not be true. They cannot have it both ways.

In any case, if you are one of those naive loyalists who say, “Oh no, how can you say this, the government would never do such a thing”, you only need to look around and you will see it. You need to look at foreign policies that “our” governments conduct on our behalf. And you need to start thinking.

The first two questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. If what our eyes see does not exist, then why are we seeing it?
  2. If what we see is innocent or good, then why are the governments refusing to investigate it and explain it fully to the public?

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3 Responses to OVERCAST – Climate Engineering

  1. Look at the leading causes of deaths and figure out what is truly causing them, then you will see the real depopulation agenda in action. The chemtrails are more of a long term strategic posturing as far as depopulation is concerned, more often used for weather manipulation, corporate crop warfare.

    • I hope that you are right, although there is plenty of evidence that depopulation is increasingly becoming part of a covert policy, since the 1974 Memorandum 200. I also know that, regardless of the goal, frequent breathing in of metalic particles is not healthy. And still, the question remains, “If this is just some harmless weather modification, then why are the governments silent about it and refusing to honestly reply to info requests?”

  2. Government employees generally don’t want to talk about anything classified, because leakers get death threats, ask Snowden, but trailing does strategically tie in to many potentially evil plans, including softkills, but weather modification alone would cause an uproar, it already is. There are a dozen other evil plans it could grow into, look into the Svalbard-Monsanto connection. …but the leading causes of death are a more obvious, credible, and present threat. So I’d rather worry about #iatrogenesis.

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