Jacklighting deer in Hamilton, Ontario

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One Response to Jacklighting deer in Hamilton, Ontario

  1. So what’s the truth about what’s been going on here!? My educated guess is that if hunting is actually going on (which I believe it is!) then somehow it involves that radical faction of Haudenausenee at Six Nations; they have only become more emboldened and brazen since getting away with all their ILLEGAL “hunting” in our provincial parks and conservation areas; it is time to get rid of Wynne and her gutless Liberal cronies who have aided and abetted in these travesties year after year; Doug Ford has expressed the will to act on reform of the OSPCA and that may be a good sign that animal and environmental welfare will become part of the discussion, especially at election time; again how does one ascertain the facts about what is really going on when all of the municipal and government agencies respond with such incomplete and questionable “investigations” which reveal more about their complicity than any genuine concern about enforcing the laws.

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