Ex Israeli Intel Boss: Putin Is Too Soft On West

Watch: Russia Should Ignore Western Accusations

Yakov Kedmi is a former head of the Israeli intelligence agency “Nativ”. He often appears on Russian TV to talk on global political issues. This is a fragment of his appearance on the “Evening with Solovyov” program.

Comment: Yakov Kedmi may be right in his assessment of the situation but I am not sure if I agree with his recommendations. It is obvious that the West is pushing for confrontation with Russia and Kedmi is trying to radicalize Russia’s responses, which would only lead to a hot war sooner.  Expelling all Western diplomats would also isolate Russia economically and culturally. This is exactly what the US and some European governments want. I don’t doubt that Russia can protect its security and its interests but I also command Russia for slowing down the West’s march to war.

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