Tucker: Why is Washington united behind a war in Syria?

(BTW, I have never thought that I would quote Fox News as a reliable source. You cannot be sure of anything, these days.)


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2 Responses to Tucker: Why is Washington united behind a war in Syria?

  1. You obviously need to watch more of Fox News…the only balanced and honest news network going; we just don’t have the evidence one way or the other to prove that the gas attack was a “false flag” because no independent investigation has taken place or been allowed; what seems certain, though, is that it is highly unlikely that the “rebels” have the capability to deliver gas canisters which (presumably) have to be dropped from aircraft; it is also known that Assad has stockpiled poison gas in the past, undoubtedly with the assistance and complicity of the Russians; the Trump-haters(both Republican and Democrat) hate Trump so much that they are using this incident for political and partisan purposes by trying to goad the President into making a hasty and poorly thought-out response; BTW the use of gas is a humanitarian issue and not just a US responsibility; we know the UN is a useless puppet agency and will do nothing in the form of real action; but Trump and Mattis are right in waiting and planning for a coalition-type response involving major allies who may still have enough “balls” to be part of the US response;in fact such a “strike” may have already been made or will soon occur…even as I type this…

    • We have to agree to disagree here. Novichok can be delivered in different forms, including spray cans. The US has manufactured a chemical substance called A-234, which is identical to Novichok. They have received the formulas from Russian scientists who defected to the US. The US (and UK) had a better motive than Russia, to deliver this attack – a PR exercise aimed at generating international and public support ahead of the criminal bombing of Syria. The Syrian “rebels”, who in fact are terrorists sponsored and protected by the US and US allies, were manufacturing primitive chlorine-based substances and also could have gotten military grade chemical agents from outside, just like they got military grade weapons. They did not have to drop the containers from an airplane, someone else could have done it for them, or, the gas was delivered by artillery or mortars, or it was released from the ground, and the container was later, or earlier, arranged, together with the hole in the roof. There is no evedence in Western media, you are right about that. Syria and Russia have collected some evidence, incluing testimonies of witnesses and captured “enemy combatants” but these are not reported by our media, for obvious reasons. You have to follow their media and their government statements to learn about it.
      Johnson should explain the simultaneous military “exercises” of chemical contamination units nearby on the day of this false-flag operation: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2018/march/06/180306-toxic-storm-for-royal-marines-in-major-chemical-exercise – and – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4436106/Elite-commandos-train-storm-ISIS-weapons-factory.html
      Coincidence? I don’t think so. IMPORTANT NOTE: These two articles included maps that were later replaced with pictures of soldiers, after the bloggers had raised this issue. These maps can be still viewed in some blogs, for example here: https://www.maurizioblondet.it/skripal-false-flag-cera-esercitazione-corso/ and here: http://liberticida.altervista.org/dai-lesercito-inglese-inizia-grande-esercitazione-simulando-un-attacco-gas-indovinate/ .
      Also, the Skripals would not have survived a “high purity” Novichok attack. The fact that Great Britain did not share with Russia samples of the substance is also highly suspicious.
      All these facts point to a strong possibility that this was a false-flag operation. Disgusting lies and childish accusations are aimed at generating public and international support in advance of one more armed robbery in the Middle East.
      I have served in military units specializing in containment and cleanup of chemical weapons contamination and I know, for fact, that all arrangements are possible. As part of our training, we have also practiced delivering chemical attacks and setting up chemical barriers.
      In my opinion, all this chemical attack in Syria, followed by the alleged Skripal poisoning, were preparations for the bombing and invasion of Syria. This is what the US is after since the September 2000 PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century” in which five countries were targeted: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, and North Korea. This was published one year before 9/11.
      Why Syria? This article explains it: http://wp.me/P6zxst-zh . You have probably read it already.

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