UNSC emergency meeting on Gaza situation


“What a rotten to the core, immoral and spiritually dead world we live in. Keeping a corrupt global system and bankster gangster run economy alive and kicking, is all that matters– the lives of millions lost– their ongoing pain and suffering of no account!”

“Quite frankly, looks like we — the global common people, are being played allround … the global bigshots relishing our heartfelt outrage and dreadful anger at witnessing Syria’s endlessly brave struggle to claw back their land — ruthlessly stolen from them by the worst global bullies — again destroyed, after a short and merciful reprieve! — while the gutless world views it as nothing but a passing show … not a finger lifted or as one chorusing “BAS!!” This ends RIGHT NOW! For if we as humanity, don’t do so– we are all complicit, have betrayed the Father and sold our souls to the Devil — do not deserve escaping the rightful and terrible wrath of God.” – [Choticastile]

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