Gaza: Watch George Galloway’s incredible interview with Laura Loomer


I don’t know, if anyone still believes any of this incredibly fanatical and desperate zionist propaganda. When I hear this hypocrisy, these lies that contradict facts on the ground, I want to vomit, as my body and my brain cannot take it anymore. The way this “Laura” talks about recent events in Gaza presents the Israelis as victims and the Palestinians as aggressors – an old trick that has been overplayed by Jews in many different scenarios.

Let me break a news for you, “Laura” – Israel occupies Palestine, not the other way around – and this is the source of all problems related to recent and not only recent violence in that area. I personally knew dr. Mark Edelman, the second in command of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during WW2. The term “terrorost” was not in use back then but the Nazis called them “banditen” ( bandits). Were the Jews, who fought in the Warsaw Ghetto bandits? Or, were they fighting for their lives and their freedom? Think about it, before you call Hamas, or any Palestinians, “terrorists”.

I will give you something to work on:

– and this, as a warning: –

– the last item – see second half of page 8 and ask yourself the following question, “Are the Jews learning from their mistakes?” God forbid, I am not trying to justify the Holocaust. I am trying to show you that there is no smoke without a fire. And Israel is playing with matches. Is it smart? Is it good for Israel? Is it good for the Jews?

In 2012, Henry Kissinger stated that there would be no Israel by 2022. Kissinger represents very powerful world’s elites. Have they decided that Israel became a burden? Are they directing the play giving Israel a green light to bomb Syria and Iran, to massacre the Palestinians, to lose any support for its cause? Even Russia moves aside and allows Israel to commit suicide. Is this what you want, or will you start thinking rather than acting on impulse, greed, hatred, and emotions?

And the last comment: “Laura”, you stated “This is Israel.” What is Israel? Gaza is Israel? West Bank is Israel? East Jerusalem is Israel? Since when? Not according to international law and the many UN resolutions pertaining to this topic, despite your wishful thinking and your (Israel’s) nukes. This shows how self-centered, uneducated, fanatical, stubborn, and ignorant you really are.

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