Marijuana will become legal nationwide starting October 17

“On Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that marijuana will become legal nationwide starting October 17. Canada’s Senate passed the federal government’s bill to legalize marijuana nationwide Tuesday.”


It is addictive, the longer you smoke it, the more you need to satisfy the addiction, it affects mental ability, judgement, and emotional state – these were the medical opinions not long ago. Research was conducted, many professional clinics were working hard to protect young people from the effects of this addiction. Now, what happened that it all was forgotten all of a sadden? Why? I think I know why. The government needs the money, they want to tax it. The criminals will still sell it to the young who cannot buy it legally and it will be more difficult to eliminate, as possession will now be legal. The young will still have access. The only change is that the profits the criminals were making will now end up in the pockets of the government and some private corporations. Plus, it just fits together with the dumbing down reforms of the education system as well as the depopulation and demoralization policies. The taxpayers and the insurance companies will have to pick up the cost of the social and medical outcomes. What a shame, Canada!

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