This Is Why You Don’t Succeed

Simon Sinek explains what’s missing with the Millennial generation, with Tom Bilyeu


Yes. When there were no cellphones, people had to plan their days ahead and had to be consistent, because they could not change or “adjust” their plans on the go. So, they had to plan their future, develop timelines and structures. They learned to be reliable and responsible. They learned to do things on time and meet deadlines. They had to do math mentally and manually with no access to a calculator which only requires the input but not the process. And they had to remember things in their heads. And learn with understanding, not by memorizing, because they could not retrieve information on any topic from internet within seconds, whenever they needed it. So, they learned to connect the dots and draw conclusions.

It’s like with the physical shape – you have to practice and work out, because “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

One more thing – cellphone addicted people lose connection with the surrounding real world (natural and social) because they begin to live their lives in a virtual reality. First cartoons and video games, then TV, internet and cellphones. No interaction translates into no relationship. Sad. When I bike at the MacMaster grounds, I see students walking around “submerged” in their cellphones, not seeing what is around, not enjoying their surroundings, not connecting with real world, not talking to each other, walking into trees and cars – (the last one being a habit acquired during childhood thanks to the cross guards, which results in lack of basic self-protection and survival skills – but this is a slightly different topic).

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