Trump, Trudeau and Nieto participate in USMCA signing ceremony

So, finally the North American Union (NAU) has arrived, under a different name, but still.

Let’s see, “Lowering trade barriers” – does it mean that I will not be charged customs and duties, when I order online, from the US, something that is not available in Canada? Does it mean that American retailers, selling various products, will discontinue the discriminatory practice that certain items are sold “In the US only” and are not available for Canadian custormers? Does it mean that American companies will be allowed to come and take anvantage of our resources and our markets “for free”? Does it mean that Canada will still sell its crude oil to the US and then will buy gasoline from US rafineries, instead of processing it here and offering lower prices to Canadian drivers, while the gasoline prices in the US remain 3 to 4 times lower than in Canada? If not, then who benefits from this agreement? Corporations and banks (investors)? That’s not good enough, Mr. Trudeau.

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