Doctor’s Panel: Vaccine Shedding, ​Transmission and Solutions

Comment: I just would like to draw your attention to the following: In late Summer and in Fall of 2020 we started to hear reports about the implementation of 5G technology , [2] , [3] on a massive scale. It was not publicly discussed, there was no debate in the Parliament, the transmitters were hidden, the whole project seemed to be kept secret till the last moment and then rolled out under the cover of the “pandemic”. This was the time when the alleged “wave” hit us. I got very sick for about 12 days but tested negative to C-19.

The symptoms were unusual – pain in my lungs, shallow breathing (as if the capacity of my lungs was suddenly reduced). Weakness and fatigue, but no fever, no cough, no running nose, and no headache. I lost 10 kg in 12 days – a record that I cannot repeat even if I stop eating completely. A noticeable reduction of eye sight (difficulty focusing) and loss of mental ability (recall, comprehension) that lasted two months. Frequent deep, high frequency shivering sensation (muscles or just nerves?), invisible on the surface and unrelated to freezing temperatures. In my 70 years, I never had such symptoms, so it was different than during a regular flu or a common cold. It happened after I froze biking at night, at the end of my camping trip. The symptoms came two days later. Then came the chest pains and angina symptoms, hospital, and another angiograph which did not show anything alarming (no new blockages, no cardiac enzymes).

Now I hear this: “This is not a respiratory disease, this is a blood disorder”. Or, “This is a radiation sickness, not a respiratory sickness”. And the new report from Spain about graphene oxide – it needs to be investigated, before it is confirmed or rejected. Go figure… Conspiracy theories or educated guesses and investigation using scientific method? One thing is certain – the policies and behaviour of our governments and mainstream media, and the deep division between scientists and doctors clearly indicate that everything is possible and any suspicion may have reasonable grounds.

Another observation: A few months ago Klaus Schwab stated that the next, even more serious crisis than the C-19 “pandemic” is just around the corner and will be created by a drastic climate change. Today, his “prophecy” is coming true – unprecedented hit waves in British Columbia, according to the same governments and the same mainstream media that were spreading the C-19 fear campaign. I am checking the temperature records in BC every day and it does not look as bad as in the news. Just like the “pandemic”. At the same time, temperatures in Ontario fall to single digits at night – in the middle of July! Is this HAARP at work or other, secret means? The governments and the military industrial complex have the technology. What else can it be used for? One good news though – the chemtrails seem to have disappeared with the arrival of the “pandemic”. Maybe they are no longer needed.

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