My Dundas Valley – is my local blog that deals primarily with environmental, public, and social issues in the area of Dundas, Ancaster, Flamborough, and Westdale.

While I do not claim to represent the opinions and aspirations of our entire local community, I want to contribute to a public debate on issues that affect us all locally in one way or another. I will also share here some of of my photos.

In 2018, I decided to add some materials and opinions related to politics and Canada’s foreign policy. I do it for the sake of democracy. Meaningful democracy requires that people make informed choices. Unfortunately, most of our mainstream media are not helpful in this area. They have become one-sided propaganda tubes, often repeating lies, hiding truths, and manipulating public opinion. They are no longer objective.

Fast forward to 2020 and the arrival of the Davos agendas dressed as a “pandemic”. Again, to make right decisions and meaningful choices, people need to know all sides of the story. Those who seek such information may find here what is usually missing in the mainstream.

I also believe that it is often necessary to apply pressure on our politicians in order to keep Canada away from illegal, wrong, and dangerous policies. This is necessary for our own sake, safety, and sanity. This, too, is only possible through “diversity” of sources and opinions. You may, therefore,  view this blog as the “dark side of the Moon”, one that is hidden from you in the official narrative.

Enjoy it and come back often!