The War in Ukraine – Unpopular Facts and Questions

I am writing this out of indignation at brazen lies of western propaganda about the war in Ukraine. Yes, we should help people who flee the war zones. This is our humanitarian duty – but only until peace returns to Ukraine. After that, they will become economic migrants. If Ukraine wins, political refugees should return home and help rebuild their country. If Ukraine loses, regular immigration procedures should be applied.

Accurate assessment of this situation requires us to follow political and economic events that led to current military confrontation. Based on historical facts, it should be clearly stated that responsibility for the war in Ukraine lies with the United States and its puppet NATO allies. I have been writing about it for a long time and will try to prove it in this article. Objective media should honestly share facts and arguments presented by all sides of this conflict. A major unintended outcome of the recent “pandemic” and even more recent Freedom Convoy is that one-sided propaganda no longer works, it belongs to the past. Many people have finally opened their eyes and accepted the possibility that we are being lied to.

Political and military background of the conflict

1. Buffer zone and border security

– 1990 – NATO’s false promise. US Secretary of State James Baker and German Foreign Minister Dietrich Genscher publicly promised Gorbachev that in exchange for the Soviet Union’s consent to the reunification of Germany, NATO “will not move even one inch eastward” and: How America Double-Crossed Russia And Shamed The West .

1991 – collapse of the USSR, Russia enters the path of systemic transformation;

From 1991 – Colour revolutions in former Warsaw Pact member states;

1994 – Budapest Memorandum – a guarantee of Ukraine’s territorial security in exchange for Ukraine’s relinquishment of Soviet nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Russia signs the Budapest Memorandum in the context of a promise that NATO will not move to the East, towards its borders;

1999 – Bombing and territorial division of Yugoslavia by NATO;

1999 – Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland join NATO – (breaking the promise made to Gorbachev);

2004 – Inclusion of Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia into NATO – (as above);

2009 – Inclusion of Albania and Croatia into NATO – (as above);

2014 – US financing and support for riots (Kiev’s Maidan) and political coup in Ukraine;

– 2014 – Pro-American Polish leader Jarosław Kaczyński speaks at the Majdan in Kiev and incites the crowd to riot;

2014 – Immediately after the bloody and unconstitutional coup in Kiev, the governments of Ukraine and the US speak loudly about the need for Ukraine to join NATO;

2014-2015 – Planning and deployment of US bases and military equipment in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as in Turkey and Romania. Provocative NATO war games, involving US military units and equipment, on the borders of Russia;

From 2016 – Aggressive demonization and antagonization of Russia in Poland and on the international arena. Construction of the Via Baltica and Rail Baltica routes as well as logistical airfields through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – that may be used by NATO rapid response forces. Deployment of US army units in Poland and Baltic States. NATO war games on Russia’s borders. Blocking of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipeline projects. Arming, training and integrating Ukraine into NATO’s command and communication structures.

Economic background of the conflict

From 1991 – color revolutions along the pipeline corridors projected by the West;

From 9/11/2001, wars “on terrorism” over oil and natural gas reserves and wars over pipeline corridors from Arab countries and from the Baku region in Azerbaijan to Europe, aimed at liquidation of Russian exports of energy resources to Europe and sabotage of Russian investments (existing pipelines). Related to this western policy objective were Georgia’s war on South Ossetia, Russia’s war on Georgia, attempts to incite riots in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Abkhazia, and the consequent blocking by Russia of the projected pipeline corridors (the seizure of Crimea and the pro-Russian militias in the Donetsk-Luhansk region of Ukraine). Also, Russia joining the war in Syria to block the projected pipeline junction from the south, via Turkey, to Europe.

Russian pipelines (blue) and projected competing Western pipelines (red)
(Click to enlarge the map)
The Oil Corridor
Oil and natural gas fields around Baku, Azerbaijan
Pipelines Nord Stream 1, Nord Steam 2 and their extensions
(Click to enlarge the map)

More on this topic here: Alleged Plan B

From 2014 – the USA prevents closer economic and political cooperation between Russia and Germany (forcing Germany to apply sanctions against Russia, blocking the Nord Stream projects, supporting the Three Seas Initiative);

Since 2014 – the US has been blocking the entry of the Chinese Silk Road to Europe (including support for the Three Seas Initiative as well as Poland’s refusal to become part of the Chinese One Belt and One Road project);

Russia’s strategic goals

1. Border security

Establishment of a buffer zone between NATO and Russia in order to prevent NATO troops from moving their bases and weapons to Russia’s borders. Minimum: eastern Ukraine (the part located east of the Dnieper River).

(Click to enlarge the map)
  • Red – Russia, including Crimea and the Kaliningrad Region)
  • Purple – Russia’s local allies (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Syria)
  • Yellow – Areas under hostilities in Ukraine and in Syria
  • Green – Countries potentially targeted by Russia (eastern Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Georgia)

I think that Russia’s reaction to this situation is very moderate. The West broke its promise to Russia. This obviously changed the political and military reality. As a consequence, Russia felt deceived and threatened. It had legitimate concerns about the safety of its borders. In my opinion it had the right to suspend its commitments under the Budapest Memorandum, which it had signed in good faith, believing that promises about its own security would be kept and respected.

Since 2011, Russian politicians are repeatedly warning that they will not allow NATO to deploy its armies and missiles on the very borders of Russia. Moscow has long been proposing a neutral Ukraine as a buffer zone guaranteeing the security of both sides. Minsk Agreements, on the other hand, called for direct negotiations and stipulated a political resolution of the conflict between ethnically Russian eastern Ukraine and pro-European western Ukraine. However, Minsk Agreements were torpedoed and ignored by Western countries shortly after they were signed. Apparently, the West was not interested in averting the conflict. It was interested in fueling it.

Let us recall President J.F. Kennedy’s speech in response to the attempted deployment of Soviet bases and missiles in Cuba, during the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. This speech could be repeated today by president Putin, changing only the names of involved countries and political leaders:

President Kennedy’s speech, October, 1962

2. Ending the civil war between western Ukraine and ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine

Since 2014, we have an ongoing civil war there. It is being reflected in the current conflict by the way civilian population in eastern Ukraine is treated as human shields by military units from western Ukraine.

3. Protection of investments and exports of energy resources

By blocking the pipeline corridors projected by Western countries and companies (Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Abkhazia, Georgia, Crimea, eastern Ukraine, and Syria);

More on this topic here: Alleged Plan B

4. Acquisition of overland connection between Crimea and mainland Russia

Current military offensive along the coasts of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, from Crimea to Mariupol and the Donetsk-Lugansk region;

5. Eliminating Ukraine’s access to the Sea of Azov and possibly also the Black Sea;

6. Separating Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from other NATO countries;

7. Gaining control over Georgia to secure pipelines from the Baku region (Azerbaijan)


(Map updated – Click to enlarge)

It seems that Russia is trying to “grab” eastern Ukraine (east of the Dnieper River), plus Nikolayev, Odessa and Kyiv into its sphere of influence, thus creating a buffer zone between its borders and NATO countries. (The very minimum plan is to establish overland connection between Crimea and mainland Russia.) Perhaps I am wrong, but I think that Western Ukraine is safe at this moment and this is where the pro-European refugees from eastern Ukraine should go and stay in the first place.

The Russian offensive advances with varying luck. Western countries provide Ukraine with weapons and other military equipment, President Zelensky says that 16,000 “foreign volunteers” are coming to Ukraine in order to support the Ukrainian army. Talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations in Belarus do not create much hope due to Ukraine’s initial request that Russia stops hostilities and withdraws its troops from Ukrainian territory. Russia is using these delays in negotiations to regroup, add additional battalions to the war zone, and replenish the army with food, fuel, weapons and ammunition. Participation of Russian air forces in the war is increasing. President Putin has ordered Russian nuclear units on standby and high alert. Belarus has stated that it will not take an active part in military operations in Ukraine.

Further development of events is difficult to predict. An agreement between Russia and Germany cannot be ruled out. Russia may “trade” western Poland to Germany in exchange for eastern Ukraine. Western Ukraine and eastern Poland, administered by mercenary bureaucracy, would then become an ideal buffer zone for both Russia and Germany.

Other possible secret scenarios (read: conspiracy theories)

Scenario 1: Biden urges Putin to keep Russia neutral in the impending US-China conflict.

Putin: “What will you give me for this?”

Biden: “What would you like?”

Putin: “Ukraine”.

Everything else is a false flag operation and orchestrated propaganda to make it look real. This possibility is supported by the fact that, since the beginning of this war, president Biden and other Western leaders have been saying, “Ukraine is on its own in this war. We are not sending our armies there.

Scenario 2: Ten years ago, Henry Kissinger said that Israel would not survive in the Middle East for more than 10 years. Depopulating Ukraine, through war and migration of refugees, makes room for the Israelis in the land of former Khazar Empire. And it is, after all, a fertile land flowing with water, milk and honey …

Scenario 3: Faced with lawsuits and credible scientific evidence, the official narrative of the so-called “Pandemic” and the so-called mRNA “Vaccines” is collapsing in front of our eyes. Depopulation is slipping out of the hands of the criminal elites. Therefore, they have decided to go to plan “B”. Unleashing the Third World War will allow them to complete the genocide and depopulation they want to achieve..


What is the difference between Russia’s current war in Ukraine and the recent US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.?

  • That Russia does not sponsor terrorists and neo-Nazis for a political coup;
  • That Russia’s goal is the security of its borders and not the plunder of natural resources;
  • That Russia does not fuel internal religious and racial conflicts in Ukraine;

Beside that, there is no difference. The Americans and their allies destroyed civilian infrastructure and killed civilians (for example, in the Iraqi city of Fallujah), which resulted in mass migrations from all areas affected by war in the Middle East.

What is the difference between civilian defenders of Ukraine, armed by the Ukrainian government and its allies with modern lethal weapons, using Molotov cocktails and actively resisting the Russian army, and “enemy combatants” in the Arab countries under US occupation, whom the Americans denied the status of prisoners of war and protection under the laws of war, treating them as terrorists, bandits and common criminals?

No difference.

What was the difference between the declaration of independence and referendum in Crimea or the declaration of independence in Donbass-Lugansk region and the referendum (1991) and the declaration of independence (2008) in Kosovo, which Western countries enthusiastically supported and deemed legally binding?


How did NATO aggression, bombing and balkanization of Yugoslavia differ from what the Russians are doing in Ukraine today?

It did not..

How are Russia’s tactics in Ukraine different from the Israeli bombing of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 or the Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009?

Back then, our leftists did not protest in front of Israeli embassies, our governments did not declare sanctions on Israel and did not ship lethal weapons to the Palestinians.

* * * * *

I am writing about it not because I support Russia, (I actually don’t), but because I am disgusted with dishonesty and hypocrisy in western politics and propaganda. Russophobia has become a religion disconnected from historical truth and reality. Such attitude is not better than the old-style fanaticism of the fascists and communists. It is dangerous. It is ignorant. It is not conducive to peace efforts. It does not help us in any way.

* * *


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