Covid-Gate, The Political Virus – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

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Covid-19 Update #7: More links from Global

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Updated: Alarming Questions about Population and Death Statistics in Canada during the “Pandemic”

By Lech Biegalski

September is the month in which annual mortality statistics were usually published by our governments. This year, however, the story is different. Governments are not publishing mortality data. They are blaming it on Covid-19, even though the overall number of deaths was always published without quoting causes of death and such basic data is surely available today. Instead, we see efforts aimed at complicating the picture in order to – (in my opinion) – hide the numbers (- example -).

I am not a statistician. I am, however, a retired Math teacher and I have decided to follow the trial abandoned by the governments. The task wasn’t easy, as we are still waiting for the “official” numbers, but I was able to research and collect data that allowed me to draw alarming conclusions and ask some interesting questions.

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Goals of a communist revolution achieved by the “pandemic”

  1. Governments have overnight established dictatorial rule, completely ignoring constitutional rights of the citizens;
  2. Governments took over the control and management of the economy, completely ignoring property rights and freedom of economic activity;
  3. Governments achieved progress in elimination of Christianity from public space in Europe, Americas and Australia.

These three goals of a communist revolution were initiated and to various degrees achieved at the very beginning of the “pandemic”. Doesn’t it tell us something about its initiators?

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Facebook is bringing an updated content censorship term for its users from October 1st

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is often seen advocating and making tall claims about providing complete freedom of speech on the platform. However, time and again his claims have been found in complete contradiction to what Facebook actually does.

Recently, Facebook has announced that it is bringing an update in its terms of service. This update is more like a ‘censorship warning’ which entails that Facebook will remove or restrict access to any content on the platform that can bring legal or regulatory risks for the company all over the globe. This term will come in effect from October 1st, 2020.

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What is COVID-19? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

My comment:

Questions about the Covid-19 Pandemic

To my old questions, namely:

  • Why don’t we see any pandemic around us? We only hear about it from the media and from politicians but not from real life observation and our own experience. Or, the observations and experiences of people we know.
  • Why are people not dying all around us, as they would, if there was a real pandemic?
  • Why are family doctors’ practices locked down by the governments at the time of the “pandemic”, when they are most needed? Is this because it would be impossible to control all family doctors and people would soon begin to question the Covid-19 propaganda?
  • Why are doctors and other specialists intimidated and harassed, when they go public with opinions on Covid-19 pandemic that differ from the official narrative?
  • Why are medical labs not allowed to conduct tests for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies? Is it because this would prove to people, who had been “confirmed” as Covid-19 cases and recovered, that they did not have Covid-19? Or, that they have developed their own immunity and don’t need a vaccine?
  • Why are people being separated, isolated and pitched against each other? What purpose does it serve at the time, when compassion and solidarity are most needed but their lack disarms the people and renders society defenseless?
  • Why, in Americas and in Europe, globalists push the “pandemic” agenda, while nationalists oppose it? Why is it being supported by leftist governments, leftist media, and modern Marxist  movements?

…I am now adding my next question:

  • Why are governments, for the first time, not publishing current vital statistics, meaning the overall number of deaths in Canada and in Canadian provinces? Such statistics were regularly published in the past.

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Covid-19 Update #6: More links from Global

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Covid-19 Update #5: More links from Global

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Covid-19 Update #4: More links from Global

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Covid-19 Update #3: More links from Global

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COVID-19: Trigger for a New World Order. Economic Stagnation and Social Destruction

By Patrick Henningsen
Global Research
New Dawn 180

NOTE: This piece was written in April 2020 and first appeared in the May-June edition no. 180 of New Dawn Magazine

I can remember them saying that ‘everything changed after 9/11’. It did, but certainly not for the better. I think we can all agree on that.  I remember how everyone surrendered their rights and key aspects of democracy, all in the name of ‘keeping us safe’.

Back then, world-changing decisions were made in reaction to an exaggerated threat, with sweeping ‘emergency measures’ and laws enacted. Usually, nothing good follows from a government that is making decisions and formulating permanent policy, suspending constitutions and rights – imposing all of this on a population operating from a position of fear. That much we did learn. Some of us did anyway.

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Covid-19 Update #2: More links from Global

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