Russia has created world’s 1st Covid-19 vaccine, registration expected next week – Health Ministry

By Bryan MacDonald

Moscow’s Gamelei Center could register the world’s first coronavirus vaccine on August 12, Russia’s deputy health minister has revealed. Oleg Gridnev says medical workers and the elderly will be given priority for immunization.

The senior minister at the department, Mikhail Murashko, announced last week that a nationwide mass vaccination program is planned to begin in October. Murashko added that all expenses will be covered by the government.

“The registration of the vaccine developed at the Gamelei Center will take place on August 12,” Gridnev told journalists in Ufa on Friday morning, as cited by RIA Novosti. “Now the last stage, the third, is underway. This is the testing part and is extremely important. We have to understand that the vaccine itself must be safe.”

The Health Ministry, in an official statement, clarified that “the documents required for registration of the vaccine developed by the Gamelei Center, including data from clinical trials, are under examination. The issue of its registration will be decided upon the results of the examination.”

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Comment: Clever move by the Russians, judo-style. Using the inertia of the opponent to redirect his movement, to trip him or to put him out of balance. Probably an inexpensive placebo and, now, Russia does not have to buy anything from the WHO or from the Americans. Moreover, this will not make any difference because the “pandemic” can only be seen in the media.

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COVID-19: Closer to the Truth: Tests and Immunity

By Dr. Pascal Sacré
Global Research

The number of positive RT-PCR tests, which diagnose the presence of pieces [fragments] of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is equated in the press and government reports with the number of new COVID-19 cases. This is not entirely true. This is misleading. It suggests a resurgence of the disease. COVID-19 is the name of the disease.

The RT-PCR test is just a means of detecting SARS-CoV-2, and that test is unreliable. Some people are asymptomatic, or with mild symptoms. Testing positive, which is already subject to interpretation, does not mean “sick”. Other doctors, including virologists, say so and warn of the current danger of this confusion maintained by official bodies.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic, Does It Exist? The Truth is Being Obliterated. The Global Elite’s Campaign Against Humanity

By Robert J. Burrowes
Global Research

The COVID-19 virus. Does it exist? Is it a novel virus? Is there a Pandemic?

If you ask any doctor or scientist in the world to show you a scientifically-verified proof, they will not be able to show you one.

Given that it has not been scientifically established that the COVID-19 novel virus exists, it is therefore clear that everything being done supposedly in the effort to tackle the ‘virus’ is being done for another purpose and COVID-19 is being used to conceal this fact.

However, with the elite-driven narrative being endlessly promoted by the World Health Organisation, governments, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, along with the corporate media, the truth is being obliterated.

And the reason for this is obvious: Any serious consideration of the underlying evidence, as I have documented previously, clearly indicates that the global elite is conducting a coup against humanity and using the fear it generates around COVID-19 to distract people from paying attention to what is happening in the background. For this reason, the coup continues to gain pace with only an insignificant number of people yet aware of the coup and its ongoing and increasingly devastating impacts.

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Covid-19 and the Censorship of Medical Doctors – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

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Covid Doctor Fired From Her Hospital After Viral Video


NOTE: The banned “viral video” may still be viewed HERE.


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The Moderna Covid-19 vaccine

Government officials, lobbies, and other decision makers who draw, or may draw in the future, any profit from the distribution and application of masks, vaccines, and other equipment used in “confronting the current pandemic” should be investigated and promptly removed from their posts, due to conflict of interest. Canadians expect the public health care system, including any response to any pandemic, war, or other emergency, to be a national effort and not to be profit-driven.

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National Security Alert: COVID Tests Scientifically Fraudulent, Epidemic of False Positives

By David DeGraw,
Torsten Engelbrecht,
and Konstantin Demeter
Global Research
Quantum Politics

Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests are used worldwide to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection. An in-depth investigation reveals clear scientific evidence proving that these tests are not accurate and create a statistically significant percentage of false positives. Positive results more likely indicate “ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold.”

In fact, American biochemist Kary Mullis, now deceased, who won the Noble Prize in chemistry for creating PCR technology, repeatedly stated throughout his career that it should not be used to test for viruses. This technology is designed to replicate DNA sequences, not test for coronavirus infections.

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COVID-19: Are We Being Misled Again by Big Pharma?

By Third World Network
Global Research, August 05, 2020
Third World Network

In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.

This is not the first time. The WHO, in the recent past, had announced H1N1 – also known as swine flu – in June 2009, a pandemic as well.

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COVID-19: We have a Treatment: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). We do Not Need a Vaccine!

By Dr. Pascal Sacré
Global Research

We have a treatment in COVID-19 and it doesn’t have the support of Big Pharma and their experts!

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is effective in treating COVID-19.

It is effective in halting the progression of the disease, provided it is given early enough and provided it is given in accordance with “contraindications” and safety of use (cardiac).

It costs nothing and the powerful pharmaceutical industry does not want to hear about it.

Big Parma has done everything to outlaw and demonize it, including the publication in the most prestigious medical journal (Lancet) of a fraudulent article withdrawn 12 days later.

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The New World Order and Education

“There is a campaign under way to essentially destroy the public education system along with every aspect of human life and attitudes and thought that involve social solidarity. It’s being done in all sorts of ways. One is simply by underfunding. So, if you can make the public schools really rotten, people will look for an alternative. Any service that’s going to be privatized, the first thing you do is make it malfunction so people can say, “We want to get rid of it. It’s not running. Let’s give it to Lockheed.” — Noam Chomsky, The Progressive Magazine, September 1999, p.37 –

This article was written in 2007. Things may have changed, since then, maybe for better or maybe for worse. I have been “out of business” for some years and am happily retired, now. Still, I believe that parents and communities should know…

Shortly after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, the Canadian Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) televised a speech delivered to the Toronto business leaders by a president of one of the major Canadian banks. Addressing the necessity of restructuring, he also mentioned education. He said, “Our education has outgrown the capacity of our economy in terms of employment.” The meaning of this statement was clear: we had too many educated people, our economy did not need them, we should not over-invest in education. In other words: our education was too good.

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Civilization, Culture, State, Religion, and the Family

Feliks Koneczny

At the beginning of the 20 century, a new science was born in Europe. It was allowed to grow for three decades before being classified and contained in secret institutions. It was called “Historiosophy” or Philosophy of History. One of the leading representatives of Historiosophy was Prof. Feliks Koneczny at the University of Vilno.

Koneczny believed that civilizations were formed by people sharing common priorities and common cultural values. He argued that historical changes have always been enabled by dynamically changing values and priorities. His work concentrated on these values and on five domains of human activities in which all these values originated and existed. Following is a short summary of his core theory.

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A former KGB propaganda specialist Yuri Bezmenov warns America about ideological subversion

Start at time 01:07:28 and see, if you can understand what is going on in the “Western World”, today. This, (in my opinion), includes the major banks and corporations, the so called “Deep State”, the oil wars, the prospect of wars with China, Iran, and North Korea, the alienation of the UN from its mission, the corruption, the leftist media, universities, and politicians, the dumbing down reforms of education, the demoralization of youth and destruction of parental authority, the increasing control, censorship, and reduction of privacy, human, and civil rights, the monopolization of markets, unprecedented price gouging and impoverishment of society, the partial privatization and slow erosion of the public health care system, and even the current Covid-19 crisis that is being used as a vehicle for systemic change.

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