A Message For The World From Woody Harrelson

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Woody Harrelson ‘Ethos Time to Unslave Humanity’

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Ride Don’t Hide 2016

On June 26, 2016, thousands of cyclists will come together to celebrate and strengthen mental health for all Canadians while raising $1,500,000 for mental health programs and services – and I, my son, and my daughter in law will be among them! Ride Don’t Hide is a community bike ride taking place in over 30 communities across Canada benefiting the Canadian Mental Health Association. I’m proud to participate in Hamilton, Ontario Ride Don’t Hide 2016 event. I invite you to join the movement and to show your support with a donation at:

My Fund Raising Page

This page is administered by the organizer, The Canadian Mental Health Association.
All donations will go directly to their account.

Thank you!

This year in Hamilton, there will be four different routes. All of them will start and end at the grounds of McMaster University. The route maps and descriptions as well as the link to the registration page are HERE. You are welcome to register as a participant or to support the event as a volunteer.

The next step is to spread the word and raise some funds – all the funds raised will help raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding mental health. Dollars raised by us will be used locally in our community to support mental health programs and services.

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Dundas Valley deer need our help

Click on picture to enlarge it

It’s time to stop the killing and to address the real problem – corruption. All the reasons for the annual deer hunt in Dundas Valley, all the stories to justify it, turned out to be either false or no longer valid and yet, the annual deer hunt continues.

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How democracy works – (in Europe, of course, not here)

Yanis Varoufakis: why Britain must stay inEurope – Guardian Live

This excellent interview is a must see for all politicians and all the people:

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My Ride in Christie Lake Conservation Area

End of October, Single Track Trillium
(Best viewed on YouTube in 720p resolution and size)

It was a cold day and it took me over four minutes to warm up enough to actually ride the bike forward. My occasional moaning was caused by a hard saddle and too high tire pressure on my hardtale bike trying to cross over merciless roots, some of which were hidden under fallen leaves. Now I know why I need a full suspension 29er.

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Post-election news

Justin Trudeau 1

It appears that Justin Trudeau has began his tenure as Canadian Prime Minister with more maturity and independence than some commentators, including myself, had predicted. Canada needs to restore its image around the world, Canada needs change, and this change, it seems, has just arrived. Hopefully permanently.

The leader of the largest Jewish group in North America has criticized Israel’s policies toward Palestinians as “misguided.” – (Link) – Related

Following Stéphane Dion’s first meeting of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new government, Canada’s new foreign minister announced that significant changes would be made in Canada’s approach to the Middle East. – (Link)

Canadian Liberal prime minister designate Justin Trudeau has confirmed that Canada will withdraw its fighter jets from the US-led mission against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. – (Link)

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In case you’ve missed it:

This 2012 video was created and published in response to ridiculous and outrageous statements made to me by one of the top Hamilton Conservation Authority’s officials. I had asked for a meeting to let him know that a large part of our local population in Dundas strongly opposed the annual deer hunt conducted by the natives in our conservation area.

For more information on this topic, please check my four related articles:

Please call or write the Hamilton Conservation Authority and demand that the annual deer hunt in Dundas Valley Conservation Area be permanently discontinued.

Hamilton Conservation Authority
838 Mineral Springs Rd, Dundas, ON, L9H-5E3
Tel: (905) 525-2181

Thank you for watching and helping.

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Post scriptum

In case you missed it:

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Federal election – my wish list

voteWhat can we ask for, locally, and what we expect of our Members of Parliament?

1. End the unprecedented price gouging and unregulated, monopolized marketplace. Food, housing, rent, insurance, and fuel are necessities that everybody has to buy and pay for. Since early 2000s, consumer protection does not exist. Monopolization has killed competition and, consequently, killed healthy market mechanisms. There is no valid reason for the food prices at METRO and other supermarkets to constantly rise. We are now paying 3-5 times more for food than we did in 2005. We are paying twice as much to rent an apartment than we did in 2001 and five times as much as we paid in the 1980s. The cost of car insurance has increased 5 times, since 1980s, as well. Houses and cars went up 300-500 percent. Despite salary increases, the market value of the money we make is rapidly decreasing. Consequently, our standard of living is on a constant and steady decline. Since this greed-driven trend is caused by government deregulation, we expect and demand that the government restores anti-trust as well as fair prices and services regulations and re-activates effective consumer protection a.s.a.p. – (Here)

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Valens Lake Ride with my son Patryk

End of September, 2015, Christie Lake Conservation Area,
around the NW part of the lake

(Best viewed on YouTube in 720p resolution and size)

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Make your vote count for nature


Dear friend

If you haven’t seen them yet, you will soon! Your local federal election candidates will be coming to your door, calling you at home or standing at an intersection, asking for your vote on October 19th. Why not ask them what they’re prepared to do for nature?


90% of Canada’s land and 100% of our ocean are publicly owned. That means that most of our magnificent wilderness is in the hands of our politicians.

What action will your candidates take to protect our great outdoor spaces that cleanse the air we breathe, the water we drink and moderate our climate?

CPAWS has prepared three simple questions you can ask your candidates, and some quick facts on what the federal government can do to protect our precious wild spaces. Read our vote for nature guide.

Let’s be sure enough of us say we’re “voting for nature” to make a difference!

Yours in conservation,

Éric Hébert-Daly

National Executive Director

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Geoengineering and the collapse of Earth


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Maclean’s National Leaders Debate 2015


Watch the full debate on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSf2__qpeGA

Mr. Prime Minister, if “incomes have been growing in this country“, then why is the standard of living of most Canadian families declining?

I can tell you why. You and your government have deregulated the economy and have removed consumer protection mechanisms that used to ensure fair prices for acceptable quality of products and services. As a result, the cost of living grows faster than the incomes. At the same time, the quality of available products and services is declining, as well.

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