Trump and Trudeau news conference, Washington

My comments:

There are things that Canada and the US have to agree to disagree on. For example, the refugee question. In Canada, traditionally, the Ministry of Immigration is merged with the Ministry of Labour – for obvious reasons. When you compare the population of the US to the population of Canada, and realize that both countries are about the same size in terms of livable territory, you can see that on the question of refugees, what is good for Canada does not have to be good for the US, and vice versa.

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Nick Hanauer: Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming

I am dedicating this video to all the “plutocrats”, investors, bankers, and business owners in the Hamilton area who think that it is a good idea to maximize their profits by continuously raising prices of goods and services, including essential goods like food, housing, and clothing. The insane greed of these people has trapped many citizens, especially the seniors, in an economic prison cell in which people can no longer afford to live with dignity and cannot choose more affordable options, because monopolization has killed competition and such options simply don’t exist.

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A Message For The World From Woody Harrelson

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Woody Harrelson ‘Ethos Time to Unslave Humanity’

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Dundas Valley deer need our help

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It’s time to stop the killing and to address the real problem – corruption. All the reasons for the annual deer hunt in Dundas Valley, all the stories to justify it, turned out to be either false or no longer valid and yet, the annual deer hunt continues.

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How democracy works – (in Europe, of course, not here)

Yanis Varoufakis: why Britain must stay inEurope – Guardian Live

This excellent interview is a must see for all politicians and all the people:

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Post-election news

Justin Trudeau 1

It appears that Justin Trudeau has began his tenure as Canadian Prime Minister with more maturity and independence than some commentators, including myself, had predicted. Canada needs to restore its image around the world, Canada needs change, and this change, it seems, has just arrived. Hopefully permanently.

The leader of the largest Jewish group in North America has criticized Israel’s policies toward Palestinians as “misguided.” – (Link) – Related

Following Stéphane Dion’s first meeting of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new government, Canada’s new foreign minister announced that significant changes would be made in Canada’s approach to the Middle East. – (Link)

Canadian Liberal prime minister designate Justin Trudeau has confirmed that Canada will withdraw its fighter jets from the US-led mission against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. – (Link)

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In case you’ve missed it:

This 2012 video was created and published in response to ridiculous and outrageous statements made to me by one of the top Hamilton Conservation Authority’s officials. I had asked for a meeting to let him know that a large part of our local population in Dundas strongly opposed the annual deer hunt conducted by the natives in our conservation area.

For more information on this topic, please check my four related articles:

Please call or write the Hamilton Conservation Authority and demand that the annual deer hunt in Dundas Valley Conservation Area be permanently discontinued.

Hamilton Conservation Authority
838 Mineral Springs Rd, Dundas, ON, L9H-5E3
Tel: (905) 525-2181

Thank you for watching and helping.

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Post scriptum

In case you missed it:

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Federal election – my wish list

voteWhat can we ask for, locally, and what we expect of our Members of Parliament?

1. End the unprecedented price gouging and unregulated, monopolized marketplace. Food, housing, rent, insurance, and fuel are necessities that everybody has to buy and pay for. Since early 2000s, consumer protection does not exist. Monopolization has killed competition and, consequently, killed healthy market mechanisms. There is no valid reason for the food prices at METRO and other supermarkets to constantly rise. We are now paying 3-5 times more for food than we did in 2005. We are paying twice as much to rent an apartment than we did in 2001 and five times as much as we paid in the 1980s. The cost of car insurance has increased 5 times, since 1980s, as well. Houses and cars went up 300-500 percent. Despite salary increases, the market value of the money we make is rapidly decreasing. Consequently, our standard of living is on a constant and steady decline. Since this greed-driven trend is caused by government deregulation, we expect and demand that the government restores anti-trust as well as fair prices and services regulations and re-activates effective consumer protection a.s.a.p. – (Here)

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