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Censorship Soviet-style at CBC’s YT channel?

“This comment cannot be published. Try again later”- (snapshot): (Click in the picture, above, to enlarge it) Where? Here:

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There is no way to DETOX from the mRNA vaccine

Comment:  I usually don’t publish podcasts. I don’t even listen to them, as they are full of intuitive arguments, most of which lack solid, substantial backing. These young people seem to know everything on every topic imaginable but cannot support … Continue reading

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Could this be a True History that Led to the Pandemic? You decide!

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Did you notice?

(Click to enlarge) Did you notice that government controlled Russian media dutifully participate in amplifying the “pandemic” mantra, especially in their international, English-language editions? Why, do you think, they are doing this? Of course, they are happy, when Western countries … Continue reading

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What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

Closing down the Global Economy as a means to combating the Virus. They want us to believe it. If the public had been informed that Covid-19 is “similar to Influenza”, the fear campaign would have fallen flat… By Prof Michel Chossudovsky … Continue reading

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Who Should do What?

Soldiers who are afraid of fighting wars should change their profession. Police officers who are afraid of confronting criminals should change their profession. Firefighters who are afraid of fighting fires should change their profession. Doctors who are afraid of seeing … Continue reading

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President Xi Jinping’s UNGA address

I hear some New World Order agenda items in Xi Jinping’s speech. If you add to it the observation that Russia, in its international media outlets, actively promotes the Covid-19 fear mongering, some interesting conclusion come to mind. There also … Continue reading

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Canada’s Largest 5G Network Is Here

— At the beginning of September, I received this email from Rogers. No public debate or input, no prior information campaign, no democratic decision. This, in spite of health and privacy concerns, as well as many unanswered questions about this … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Update #7: More links from Global

The COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport? “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine? The Battle for Pandemic Sanity: Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy vs. Its Suppression Spontaneous Initiative that Unites Scientists, Doctors, … Continue reading

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The Covid-19 Pandemic, Does It Exist? The Truth is Being Obliterated. The Global Elite’s Campaign Against Humanity

By Robert J. Burrowes Global Research The COVID-19 virus. Does it exist? Is it a novel virus? Is there a Pandemic? If you ask any doctor or scientist in the world to show you a scientifically-verified proof, they will not be … Continue reading

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What Lies Ahead: Permanent Job Losses, Poverty in America, Financial and Political Instability

Senator William McMaster resting at the McMaster University grounds By Dr Jack Rasmus The US economy at mid-year 2020 is at a critical juncture. What happens in the next three months will likely determine whether the current Great Recession 2.0 … Continue reading

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Winter in Dundas Valley

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Nanfan Treaty Does Not Exist. It’s a Hoax. The Deer Hunt in Dundas Valey should be illegal.

A baby resident of Dundas Valley – (click on image to see its full size) – photo: author As the winter approaches and soon we will see, again, closed trails and native hunters roaming our conservation area based on a … Continue reading

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