COVID-19 pandemic and our shortcomings

It’s April 23rd, nearly four months since the government and major medical institutions knew (or should have known) about the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Canada responded much like other countries, we don’t have the highest numbers of confirmed cases or deaths, but we are affected, nevertheless. Living in Dundas as a senior citizen with heart condition and diabetes, I would like to share with you some of my observations and suggestions.

Firstly, the protective equipment. Since January, I cannot buy in our local pharmacies any masks, rubber gloves, hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol. They are not available to regular customers, although I have no way of knowing whether the pharmacies are being supplied with these products and they disappear before they reach the shelves.

We hear from the prime minister that the priority here is the medical staff, the first responders, and those who are most vulnerable. I am not sure about the medical staff and the first responders, but I have been unable to buy any of these products in Dundas or in Hamilton.

Prime Minister Trudeau, in his daily briefings, talks about some supplies that are reaching Canada or are manufactured in Canada. They have not materialized in my area, so this is just a talk. Other government officials recommend wearing masks and some places, for example grocery supermarkets, demand that you wear a mask inside, while you are shopping. How can you comply, if masks are not available?

Earlier today, I called my pharmacy and pressed them on the topic of protective equipment supplies. After saying that they didn’t have any masks on their shelves, they revealed that they do have the N-95 masks but only sell them in boxes of 50, for $200 plus tax per box. And they don’t open the boxes, you have to buy the whole box.

It appears that Canada, the proud designer and maker of the space arm, does not have a production capability for simple protective equipment. Was its manufacturing offshored to maximize the profits of the investors? It also appears that Canada was unprepared, did not have contingency plans and equipment stored for emergencies, like this one. Scientists have been talking about a possibility of a large-scale pandemic for years. Were our politicians sleeping? Were they competent? Were they working? It seems that they woke up and sprang to action just recently. Isn’t it too late? Or, is there another agenda that we are not being told about?

I am not feeling well, I have a chest pain, a dry cough, some discomfort around my head and eyes, some sore throat, but no fever, no other symptoms. I hear that some people go through Covid-19 without symptoms, some with only a few. I also know that this may just be a cold, a regular flu, or a bronchitis. My chest pains and throat discomfort could be symptomatic of a blockage and poor circulation – this had happened to me before. Maybe I just need an antibiotic? Or, maybe it is more serious? However, I am not allowed to visit doctors’ offices – their message is clear – they operate by phone these days. I wonder how can anybody listen to my lungs or to my heart by phone? I suspect that this situation is also caused by lack of efficient personal protective equipment for the doctors and their employees. On the other hand, I feel betrayed. I pay taxes and Ontario Health Premiums regularly but the service is being reduced, when it is needed most. Not right.

Knowing about the current situation, I feel reluctant to call 911. Maybe my condition is not that serious? Maybe I don’t need to go to a crowded hospital, which is a risk by itself? Hospitals need to attend urgent cases, maybe there are people who need their help more than I do? But again, maybe I need their help, as well? In the meantime, the first step in determining, diagnosing, and treating ilnesses has been seriously reduced.

I wonder, if fire fighters also operate by phone only because fighting fires is a risky activity? How about the police, the pilots, and other people who chose dangerous professions? Are they all going to operate by phone? How about the soldiers? Are they going to hide behind their phones, when the war breaks out?

Two nights ago, I went to our local gas station to buy gas. I couldn’t make the pump work, so I went inside to ask for assistance. The employee, wearing a mask and sitting behind three layers of plexiglass and courtains, yelled at me to leave his booth immediately. “Go outside!”, he repeated several times. It turned out that the station has installed Interac and Visa payment options at their pumps. You need to choose the amount, pay first, (for example $50), then fill up your tank. Mine took gas for $23 but the machine did not give me a slip showing the refund of $27, or any information on how this transaction is going to be charged. I had to go inside the booth to request the bill from the employee. He printed it out and handed it to me, shouting, “Go outside!”. Nonsense.

For some time, we hear rumors about certain officials pushing the agenda of establishing cashless transactions in the entire economy. We hear that handling cash is risky, that we can transfer viruses by exchanging cash. Are we now seing the attempt to use the pandemic in order to introduce this new system of control over the society? Who agreed to it? Was there a referendum, was this an item of the election campaign? It was not.

This is not working. The governments have been talking about modelling and predictions for three months, but concrete needs are not being addressed at the “street level”. Instead, other agendas are being carried out under the cover of the pandemic. It’s time to change it and it is time to do it fast. All the necessary restrictions should be fully reversible upon the end of the pandemic. Covid-19 should not be used to limit our rights and freedoms, or to change social policies, political or economic system or geopolitical configurations.

And NO to obligatory, forced vaccinations, which seems to be yet another agenda smuggled under the cover of COVID-19. If we accept that people are in charge of their bodies (for example, allowing abortions), then obligatory and forced vaccination would be a violation of that right. Also, modern vaccines have rather bad record. There are too many controversies and too many unanswered questions about them.


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