Lukashenko states WHO and IMF tried to pay Belarus for copying Italy’s Covid-19 response

President Alexander Lukashenko officially stated that WHO (World Health Organization) offered Belarus 90+ million dollars for responding to the coronavirus the same way as Italy did and implementing a lockdown of the economy. When he refused, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) repeated the offer, putting 900+ million dollars on the table. Lukashenko refused again, saying, “God forbid, I don’t want to have the Italian situation i Berlarus.” Lukashenko has repeatedly dismissed the threat posed by Covid-19, touted home remedies and refused to shut down his country. Both WHO and IMF are agencies of the UN (United Nations).

The Covid-19 statistics for Belarus look better than the stats for many other European countries. What does it tell you about the lockdown, the restrictions and the “pandemic” itself?

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