THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

Video: The Great Reset: Covid-19 and the WEF Plan to Impose A New World Order – (A Must See and Must Read!)

My comment:  Here is my “conspiracy theory”, and I am just being careful. In fact, I believe that this is not a “theory” and this is not a new agenda. Those who were able to do research and use their brains independently, have followed it and expected it for years, even for decades. The effort to infiltrate structures of power in order to take over the world, end democracy, introduce new world order and establish one world government could be traced and pinned to the following projects and events (not in chronological order):


  • The communist international movement and the export of revolution;
  • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion;
  • The League of Nations and the United Nations;
  • The “military-industrial complex” warning issued by gen. Eisenhower in his farewell speech;
  • The “deep state” warning issued by pres. J.F. Kennedy;
  • Establishment of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), and their global network of financial institutions, (including the Fed);
  • The 1974 Memorandum 200 (Henry Kissinger) and the depopulation agenda;
  • The collapse of Soviet Union and color revolutions in eastern Europe;
  • Transformation in Russia and Russia’s “escape into the future”;
  • Unification of Germany;
  • The destruction and partition of former Yugoslavia;
  • The eastward movement of NATO towards Russia’s borders;
  • The establishment of the European Union, African Union,  various Asian economic and political unions, North American Union (effort continuing in a camouflaged form), etc.;
  • The “new world order speech by pres. George Bush (senior);
  • NAFTA and other similar trade agreements;
  • The integration, unification, synchronization, and coordination of national armies and intelligence agencies within larger international blocks;
  • The integration of national economies into international blocks;
  • Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development) and its implications;
  • Global warming / Climate change / Deindustrialization.

Foreign policy:

  • The efforts to take over the energy resources and gain political leverage;
  • The 9/11 “demolition” used as a pretext to begin “oil wars”;
  • The “war on terrorism” by countries sponsoring terrorism in the first place;
  • The “Arab Spring”;
  • The proxy wars (eg., Ukraine, Syria, Yemen);
  • The coups (Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Africa, and South America);
  • The looming global war on China, Iran, North Korea?
  • What price will Russia negotiate to remain neutral, (possible new shape and influence spheres in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, recognition of Russia’s economic zone in the Arctic?)

Domestic politics: 

  • The end of democracy, the end of individual and collective rights and freedoms;
  • Complicit governments and corrupted politicians “owned” by corporate elites, ignoring “the people”, and carrying out international agendas against the best interest and against the aspiration of their national voters and taxpayers – without public input or meaningful and objective public debate;
  • Misleading government policies (eg., engagement in the “pandemic” hoax);
  • Introduction of police state measures and limitations on human rights under the pretext of fighting the terrorists, or now, utilizing the Covid-19 “plandemic”;
  • Consistent disarming of the people following suspicious acts of violence and terror;
  • Increasing invigilation and the end of privacy;
  • The chip and electronic ID project, the end of cash, electronic (traceable) transactions only;
  • The end of free speech;
  • Censorship;
  • The attacks on “free internet”;


  • Integration of national economies in larger international blocks;
  • Restructuring in the West;
  • Offshoring and outsourcing;
  • Attack on middle class;
  • Monopolization of markets, the end of competition, the end of healthy market mechanisms;
  • The end of consumer protection, continuously increasing price gouging;
  • Corruption of labour movements, the end of collective bargaining rights;
  • The end of FT job security, decreasing benefits, decreasing paid holidays, etc.;
  • Deliberate collapsing of national economies to create economic crisis;
  • Impoverishment of society, increasing poverty;

Information, propaganda,  and indoctrination:

  • Fake news in embedded and corporate media, misinformation of the public;
  • Government (misleading) propaganda;
  • Changing priorities and outcomes in education (socialization instead of education);
  • NWO-style media and Hollywood entertainment scripts (for example, one global “military Council” in Starwars – Next Generation, the “Resistance is futile, you’ll be assimilated” motto of the BORG, the promotion of books and films that glorify criminal wars or policies, political lies, and undemocratic measures;

Society and culture:

  • Destruction of traditional European values and  culture;
  • Multiculturalism and deliberate mixing of cultures;
  • “Dumbing down” reforms of education;
  • Demoralization and destabilization of societies;
  • Attacks on nationalism and national patriotism
  • Attacks on religion, especially the Christian religion and Christian Church;
  • Destruction of traditional model of family;
  • Promotion and protection of “alternative life styles”;
  • Creation and deliberate promotion of social divisions and conflicts that weaken the cohesion and social solidarity ( on racial, religious, cultural, and gender grounds, as well as on ideological and political grounds);
  • Creation and protection of the XXI century revolutionary “proletariat” around divisive and controversial issues, such as the feminist and the LGBT movements, the gender agenda and related education, the abortion and euthanasia, the reduction of parental authority, the increasing control of the state over the upbringing of our children, etc.;


  • Politicized Covid-19 flu;
  • Fake pandemic;
  • Fear mongering and the threat of mandatory mass vaccination;
  • Stated on the record plan to use vaccines in order to carry out the depopulation agenda;
  • Admitted government difficulties in meeting pension and social assistance obligations;
  • Cuts to Health Care;
  • Lockdown of family doctor practices at the time of alleged “pandemic”;
  • Ban on conducting tests for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies;
  • Ban on the use of Hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid-19 patients;
  • Big push for the vaccines instead of available treatment and prevention;
  • Suspicious lockdown of facilities for the elderly and reported neglect;
  • Lack of credibility on the part of Big Pharma and WHO;
  • Bad record of vaccine trials;
  • Lockdowns, inconvenient and unhealthy restrictions;
  • Unhealthy and untimely measures that are not meeting the intended goals (eg., masks);
  • Job and income losses,, increasing poverty;
  • Restrictions and measures enacted by lower laws and regulations cancel or suspend rights granted and guarantied by higher laws – this is not right and not legal;

When you look at the above elements of the NWO agenda, one observation comes to mind. Most of these changes are bad for national interests, bad for the states, and bad for the people. It is difficult to escape a conclusion that many of them were designed and implemented to irritate, to upset people, to make them angry and tired of the chaos, the mess, the uncertainty, the inconveniences, the increasing poverty, the loss of common culture that makes life meaningful, the corruption, the threat of looming terrorism, pandemic, or military conflict. Why are we having this and to what end?

The only possible answer is – to tire us out, so that we accept the new world order and welcome it, if it promises to restore law and order, political integrity, and social justice. If it promises to restore normal life, economic security, physical safety, environmental protection, and normal relations between people. What we see here is a well known scheme: first create a problem and then suggest a solution. Most people will buy it.

Looking at the scared and masked crowds on our streets, I think that many will welcome the mass vaccination program. Many will ask for it and demand it, many will stand in a line all night to get the shot. However, there will be a large segment of the population that will oppose it, violently, if necessary. Any arrangement, other than voluntary vaccination, will create conflict and spell disaster for current governments. A voluntary vaccination will attract many, so hidden agendas behind it will be achieved. Investors will make their profits, the targeted will die or will not be able to multiply. It will also be useful in one more way: those who were wrong on the question of the pandemic and on the threat of depopulation will eliminate themselves, will perish. The society’s genetic pool will be restored and we will collectively become smarter, again. The stupid and the naive will be lost in the process.

There is one more concern about this whole topic. The current conflict in the US between the national president and the globalist (read: unconstitutional) opposition is spinning out of control. Presidential election is coming in November. Antifa and artificially amplified conflicts are tearing the country apart. The lockdown and the “pandemic” are bringing down the economy and demolishing Trump’s main election promise. Even some leftist media and leftist politicians in Canada are engaging in such propaganda. I sincerely hope that reason will prevail. That president Trump will not go to all out war with China in order to stop the globalists’ agenda or to neutralize the opposition, the Deep State, and their destructive policies. And I hope that Russia is not secretly engaged in supporting the anti-Trump globalist agenda. There are indications that this just might be the case.

I know, I know, this is just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories, isn’t it? But they all fall nicely in place, don’t they? And, unlike the pandemic, you can actually see them all around you. If you know where to look and if you can think. Have a nice day…


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