Questions about the new “RAPID TEST”

Here we go! The new RAPID TEST has suddenly arrived!! Overnight! It returns the result in 2-4 minutes, it is not uncomfortable because it hunts viruses in the saliva, so all you need to do is spit at it.

Is this why the mainstream media are full of enthusiastic “ladies and gents” who cannot wait to be tested? Is this why the hosts repeat over and over, “With this new test all problems will disappear”? Hold on, Charlie…

Where was this test tested? What technology is it based on? How does it work, how many trials were conducted and what were the results? What “golden standard” does it use, if the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated and purified? How does it measure the quantity, the “viral load”?  Was there enough time to invent, test, and develop it? Or, was it a quick damage control mission caused by the spreading knowledge about the unreliability of the RT-PCR test among the medical professionals and the general public? Was it necessary to replace it with something else, so that the “second wave” can be confirmed and the vaccines, biometric IDs, the “reset” and the “new order” can be implemented? Were these agendas included in our governments’ election campaigns? Was there a public debate, or a referendum to allow deliberate sabotage of our economy, our health, our education, and our lives? Is this why Justin has suspended the Parliament? Am I missing something?

How can we trust this new test, that was just invented and is being manufactured as we speak, if the old PCR technology, that was used for decades, was so unreliable, and yet, it was being recommended and implemented by our specialists and our officials? How can we trust the media and the governments? Were they lying to us about the pandemic, the PCR tests, and the masks? Why did they stop publishing vital statistics, locked down family doctor practices, and restricted medical labs from performing tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies? Why did they spread panic and continue to do so?

Why did they ban the inexpensive and effective medication, hydrochlorochine from being used in the treatment of so called “confirmed cases”? Why to spend millions, possibly billions of taxpayers’  dollars on more tests and vaccines? Who is making the money?

And now, the same media and politicians start talking about mandatory vaccines? After Bill Gates (on the record) stated that vaccines are his favourite way to achieve necessary depopulation? After many vaccine programs and tests went wrong in India, South America, and some Third World countries?

Read my lips: NOOO!!! After my dead body!!! I don’t trust you!! If you want to reduce the world’s population, what’s a better way than let Covid-19 do the job? Where is this sudden concern to protect everybody’s life and health coming from? If this is not hypocrisy, then what is? Do you think that I am stupid?

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