Chinese Experts Urge for Halt in Use of mRNA Vaccines Following Deaths in Norway

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Several Chinese medical specialists are calling for a suspension of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns that use mRNA-based vaccines, such as the one produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, especially among senior citizens, the Global Times newspaper reported on Friday, following reports on vaccination-related deaths in Norway.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency on Thursday mentioned 23 deaths suspected to be connected to the COVID-19 vaccination.

According to the news outlet, Wuhan University virologist Yang Zhanqiu said that if the deaths were indeed caused by the Pfizer vaccine, it would indicate that the mRNA vaccines are not as good as was previously thought.

One Beijing immunologist told the newspaper that the world should stop using the Pfizer vaccine, as the mRNA technology was not proved to be safe enough for large scale immunization.

The expert went on to speak against people over 80 receiving any COVID-19 vaccines, citing their weakened immune systems.

The Chinese experts said the deaths should be studied to learn if they were caused by the vaccine or some antecedent conditions.

The so-called messenger RNA vaccines trick cells into producing a viral protein that in turn triggers an immune response. This is a new method of immunization that has been used by various companies to produce their vaccines against the new coronavirus disease. However, some are voicing concerns about the method being too novel to be used safely.


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