Sucharit Bhakdi: On the difference between Corona and Flu

Comment: This is an important interview. Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi is a well known and highly respected medical microbiologist living and working in Germany. His videos are immediately blocked by YouTube, Facebook, and other communist social media. Why is this interview important?

  1. It confirms the necessity to develop heard immunity – (something that we are being prevented from developing by isolation, social distancing, and wearing masks);
  2. It confirms the mechanism that leads to cytokine storm and overreaction of our auto-immune system in response to coronaviruses, mRNA vaccines, and subsequent infections;
  3. It raises a question, “Why do we vaccinate people who are not sick and those who have developed own immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus?” Especially, that vaccines against future mutants do not exist, yet.
  4. It raises another question, “If the fatality rate is so low and so many people are already immune to this virus, why are we banning effective treatments and meds (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, amantadine)?”

When you really think about it, the answers are easy:

Somebody wants to weaken our immunity, wants us to get sick.

Why? To roll out mass vaccination. I was riding in my car earlier today and this was all the radio was promoting. The CBC, the Global News, and others. If this is not about public health, then why are they doing this? Profits from selling the vaccines? Depopulation? Biometric passports? Other diabolic projects? Or all of the above?


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