Perspectives on the Pandemic – “Blood Clots and Beyond”

Comment: One of the key points here is the overreaction of our auto immune system to this vaccine and, consequently, to any similar coronavirus that contains similar RNA fragments. Last year, it was reported that the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome is 76% identical to the SARS-CoV-1 genome that caused the outbreak of SARS epidemic in 2003. And there are many more coronaviruses in existence, including seasonal flu (type A) and some common colds.

When we get the vaccine, the injected RNA fragments are going to cells all over our body and our cells start mass-producing, or replicating, the injected genetic material. This causes a massive cytokine storm and a massive response of our immune system but it can be controlled by the amount of injected material. However, this is only part of the problem. The other part is that such a response to these particular “primers” contained in mRNA vaccines gets encoded in our B and T-cells, so that next time, when a similar virus enters our body, the cytokine storm and a massive response happen right away, even if the infection is just localized in your throat.

I suspect that this mRNA technology was already tested on humans back in 2017/2018 season. Or, maybe it was a “prep” increasing our sensitivity to what was coming in 2020. I have a good reason to believe that it was included in some flu vaccines at that time. My own reaction, following my only flu vaccine in recent 20+ years, justifies my suspicion. After receiving this vaccine, I had a number of health problems, including a massive reaction to any cold or seasonal flu and it is continuing. This was not happening earlier. It would be interesting to know, if doctors, at that time, were instructed by Big Pharma to report any new medical problems in patients who had received this vaccine.

One more problem is related to the danger created when the coronavirus or a vaccine enters your bloodstream and travels to places like your brain’s blood vessels. I want to connect some dots here. The PCR test is conducted with a swab that is being pushed up your nose and then aggressively turned around in order to collect a specimen from the back of your pharynx. It can be very painful. I had two PCR tests last year and I was bleeding from my nose for three days, before it finally heeled. During this time, any viruses inhaled by me were going to enter my blood stream. Again, is this a coincidence, or incompetence, or is this a clever and deliberate planning?

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