Justin Trudeau introduces worst censorship law of any western democracy

Comment: A few questions – Where is the definition of “hate speech”? Where is the distinction between “discrimination” and a legitimate criticism of criminal policies and criminal behaviour? Or, immoral and dishonest behaviour? Does it mean that we can no longer hate Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin? Or hate the Nazi policies that led to the Holocaust? This bill is a nonsense. I will tell you what it is. The politicians are scared of the People, they are trying to prevent us from demanding that they be judged and punished for their criminal decisions regarding C-19, lockdowns, restrictions, violations of human rights, destruction of the economy, unconstitutional agendas, fear campaign, lies, as well as deaths and suffering caused by the sabotage of our health care system and the experimental vaccines. They are liable and they know it. That’s all it is. I am not even mentioning treason and serving external forces, as opposed to serving Canada and Canadians first.

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