Berlin’s Corona Investigative Committee Update

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Summary below by Donna Baylis:

The plandemic narrative is well established now.  We know what is going on.

Dr. Reiner Füllmich, lawyer registered both in Germany and California, is famous for spearheading litigation against big multi-nationals Volkswagen (das liar scandal) and Deutsche Bank.  He is Chair of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss Investigative Corona Committee Germany, a group founded with the mandate to identify why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for the people.

On September 15, 2021, Dr. Füllmich provided a status update (video above).

To summarize the video, Dr. Füllmich’s team confirmed the following about the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The pandemic occurred due to governments and mainstream media deliberately spreading panic with targeted fear mongering [mark 1:12]
  • Using a world-wide lockstep approach of continuously blasting out the alleged danger of the alleged new virus [1:25]
  • Despite no excess mortality anywhere [2:05]
  • Partly staged and partly based on gross medical malpractice [2:10]
  • Summary of the Corona Committee’s work to-date [3:09]
  • COVID measures are not about health [4:20]
  • Governments are not acting in the best interest of their people [4:50]
  • Governments are largely under control of the backers of global corporations and NGOs aka “Mr. Global” [5:00]
  • Global corporations are beyond the law [5:05]
  • PCR test is not approved for diagnostic purposes [8:10]
  • COVID measures cause very serious damage to the health of children, with incalculable long-term consequences [8:27]
  • Safety and efficacy of COVID injections not backed up by any scientific or medical studies [10:25]
  • COVID measures were never about health; gain of function; bioweapons [12:30]
  • The original virus has long ceased to exist; mutations are less dangerous; doubts that the virus was scientifically isolated; suspicions that flu virus was relabeled COVID [13:19]
  • World Health Organization (WHO) is controlled by its largest donors [14:05]
  • Professor John Ioannidis, Stanford, states infection fatality rate of 0.14% to 0.15% corresponds to the flu [14:20]
  • No excess mortality prior to “vaccines”; Italy; New York [14:40]
  • By-passing the immune system; toxic spike protein [17:00]
  • Virtually none of the people who allegedly died of COVID, actually died from COVID [17:45]
  • How was the corona pandemic invented? [18:05]
  • Planning for the pandemic has been going on for at least 10 years [18:20]
  • 2009 swine flu was a similar but failed attempt; WHO changed the definition of “pandemic” [18:35]
  • Expensive swine flu vaccines produced and sold under secret contracts and led to serious health problems (narcolypsy) [19:45]
  • Dozens of patents have been registered on the coronavirus [20:30]
  • October, 2019 – Event 201 pandemic simulation [21:00]
  • Drosten’s PCR test (January 2020) [21:35]
  • Key were two false claims: (i) asymptomatic infections; (ii) PCR test could detect COVID-19 infections [22:40]
  • WHO declares a public health emergency of international concern = authorization of untested drugs for human use [24:30]
  • Declaration of the public health emergency of international concern and all subsequent COVID measures were based solely upon completely meaningless false positive PCR test results; Drosten’s PCR test was guaranteed to generate false positives (CT=45) [25:55]
  • Lockdown concept first used by China; social distancing; mask mandates; “vaccines” (gene-therapy, numerous serious side effects, no informed consent = battery) [27:30]
  • “Vaccines” were the goal from the very beginning [28:45 mins]
  • There is no reason for the use of these “vaccines”; effective alternative treatments; Israel shows “vaccines” are completely ineffective and highly dangerous [29:20]
  • “Vaccine” death reports have been falsified; conservative estimate is 500,000 deaths in the USA [30:09]
  • Serious side effects [30:20]
  • For the fall, winter and coming spring, experts expect severe problems and hospitalization when vaccinated individuals encounter the wild virus — antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)/cytokine storm; autoimmune diseases; more severe cases of thrombosis (bloodclotting)[30:30]
  • “Vaccines” damage the immune system so each subsequent booster will cause more damage [30:50]
  • All the side effects were known to the USA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) long before the vaccine roll-out began [31:00]
  • Manufacturers do not know if their “vaccines” are effective or safe yet they demand immunity from injury claims and guaranteed purchase quantities [31:20]
  • Mr. Global’s plans for the future; Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum (WEF); Bill Gates; depopulation/eugenics; The Great Reset; one world government; start with chaos & wars; you will own nothing and be happy; one digital currency; single central world bank; central tracking systems [Chinese-style social credit system]  [32:00]
  • “When it comes to Mr. Global and his puppets we are dealing with psychopaths and sociopaths.” [34:05]
  • World Economic Forum (WEF) founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971 has been training young global leaders since 1992 when Angela Merkel (Germany) and Bill Gates were graduates; later Macron (France), Kurz (Austria), Justin Trudeau (Canada), Jacinda Arden (New Zealand), Jens Spahn (German Health Minister), Ursula von der Leyen (EU Commission Head) [34:13]*
  • Very large legal disputes are being set in motion in India, South Africa, USA, Canada and France to hold the people responsible for the plandemic accountable under civil and criminal law[35:00]
  • Portugal, Austria and Germany court decisions state that Drosten’s PCR test cannot be a basis for any corona measures [36:00]
  • The Berlin Corona Committee has incriminating evidence proving that this corona plandemic never had anything to do with health but rather the goals were disruption of regional economies to make the population dependent on global supply chains, wealth redistribution, population reduction/genocide, total control of the remaining population, installation of a world government under the UN/WEF [36:15]
  • This must be stressed – we are dealing with megalomaniac psychopaths and sociopaths, which must be stopped [37:00]
  • This is about humanity versus inhumanity; war of good against evil [38:43]

* Some other members:  MP Chrystia Freeland, MP Jagmeet Singh, MP Michelle Rempel Garner, MP Terry Beech, MP Francois-Philippe Champagne, MP Karina Gould (Global Affairs Cda), Elissa Golberg (Global Affairs Cda),  Alessandra Galloni (Thomson Reuters), Renee Maria Tremblay (Supreme Court of Cda) plus Mark Zuckerberg (facebook), google, Bloomberg, MIT, Scotiabank, U of T, Harvard. (  see also:

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