Comment: You could hear this “in between the lines” in many messages revealed to the public for years. Remember this, “Baby boomers are retiring, there are not enough young people to pay for their pensions.”? And, “People live longer because of the advances in medicine”? The truth is that the many baby boomers had contributed to their pensions already and somebody obviously mismanaged these funds. It looks like we are going to be denied the service that we had already paid for. And those guilty, who conducted such irresponsible policies are not in jail, yet?

But wait, this does not end there. Since early 2020 we are also denied the health care that we pay for in our taxes and through various insurance companies. I cannot see my doctor in a timely manner, when needed, doctors don’t follow up on your health problems, procedures are either denied or omitted, there is no prevention, (just wear an ineffective mask and get vaxxed, … and wash your hands). But they remember to send you to the lab for your blood work and they remember to give you prescriptions for many meds that reduce the symptoms but don’t eliminate the causes of your illness. Some deny you effective drugs or change your prescription without even seeing you or sending you for tests, or explaining to you why they did that. I am beginning to feel like a dog brought to the vet’s office. Sounds familiar, especially when you are a senior citizen?

And here comes the final insult on our health care system:

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