“How many people are we going to kill if we keep following this narrative”, asks Ontario ER doctor


Comment: She says, “Not what is good and convenient for me, not what is good for my hospital and my administrator. For me is important only what is good and effective for my patients”. In 2007, I have written an article about the same situation in our Ontario education system. The reforms initiated in 1990s by Mike Harris’ government (and continued by the Liberals) introduced a similar approach and philosophy: not what used to be recommended and good for the students and their schooling but rather what was in the best interest of the government and big corporate interests that were taking over our political system. Teachers’ Colleges and schools went first on the chopping board, with private-public partnerships (read: corporate funding replacing public funding in exchange for changes in curriculums and organization). Medical schools, hospitals, medical labs, and the rest of the health care system were next. Somebody wanted the society to become stupid and sickly. We know who and we know why, this is not a rocket science. We are just too nice and too trusting to tell the government, “You failed, get out of here”. Or, we are too stupid already.

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