Dr. David Martin – Covid vaccine mRNA code is a BIOWEAPON developed via a digital SIMULATION

Video source: https://www.brighteon.com/309412a4-65e5-4bd6-a7c9-52805b5a6b93

Comment: I had deliberately delayed my comment in order to reflect upon this phenomenon. You don’t have to go to Australia or New Zealand to see what is happening. Here in Dundas, Ontario, my bank has recently introduced banking machines that display instructions in English and in Chinese. I have also noticed new Chinese and other Asian employees but this may or may not be relevant. My question initially was: “Is Chinese an official language in Canada? Since when? And what happened to French?” The second question was, “We don’t have too many Chinese people living in our communities, (like for example in Markham/Unionville area), so why are they doing this?” The third question was, “Are Chinese people so limited intellectually that they cannot learn English like all other residents in Ontario do?” And then I realized that these were wrong questions because the answer to all three of them was “No”.

So what is really happening? In my opinion, we are witnessing the takeover of our financial institutions and this was, of course, expected. Just go to any store and try to find products that were not “made in China”. When you become so completely dependent on trade with one foreign country, when you put all your eggs in one basket like that, it is always followed by economic dependency and eventually by a loss of political sovereignty. This, in my opinion, explains why our governments introduce and enforce laws and policies that are violating our Constitution, our Charter of rights and our international obligations in the area of human rights. It’s already happening.

Here comes the important part: why did it happen, why did Canada sold out economically to China? I have two possible answers to this and both are very likely to be true. One, investors decided to move our real economy (production and many services) to a cheaper country in order to lower their costs and max up their profits. Two, our politicians were bought by international lobbies and asked to look the other way, while this was happening. If this is indeed true, then greed, opportunism and corruption are driving the agenda. In the process, our governments have mismanaged the economy so badly that now they have no choice but to “go with the flow”, no matter what. Even assuming that treason was not part of the package, this explains everything. “Pandemic” and the “Great Reset” look like mechanisms to get out of the mess and to protect the loot. The scary thing is, we have just re-elected the same bunch of “Canadian patriots” and given them two more years to “finish the job”. Doesn’t it reflect on us?

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