Quote: “It is no longer free to pollute anywhere in the world.” Really? How about China, the “factory of the world”, where the Western elites and investors offshored our real economy in order to cut their costs and max up their profits? Since the 1980s, we heard about the necessity to become more competitive, which meant that we had become “too expensive”. Then came the offshoring and the restructuring. And the “climate crisis” to justify it all. Meanwhile, the pollution created in China is not going to stay within Chinese national borders. It is only a matter of time before it spreads worldwide, so the whole “climate” justification looks like another big lie.

What I see here is the extension of lockdowns due to the “pandemic”, the next step months ago “predicted” by Klaus Schwab of the WEF, another attempt to collapse the economies and privatize the public assets of western countries in order to complete the total offshoring and the Great Reset. Trudeau did not run his last election on this issue, he did not ask Canadians for permission to introduce policies that are going to benefit China at the expense of Canada and our standard of living. This is a part of the globalist agenda and there was no parliamentary debate on it. Such a shift in economic map and associated with it reduction of standard of living will require and will result in depopulation of large parts of the globe. This, in my opinion, is where the “pandemic” and the “vaccines” come into the picture. Trudeau is a run-away train that needs to be stopped, investigated, and charged with treason. (In my opinion, that is).


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