Second night of anti-lockdown violence in Europe

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Europe descended into a second night of violent carnage on Saturday amid the return of strict lockdown rules aimed at curbing rising rates of Covid infection.

Read the story, see the pictures and video footage…

Comment: The “rising rates of Covid infection” are used as a justification of lockdown measures. They are based on unreliable PCR and “rapid” Abbott tests that have been proven to give false positive results.

I want to caution my fellow-Canadians and people in other countries: Please don’t take comfort in these demonstrations and in legal challenges that have been filed with the courts. If you say, “I don’t have to take part in the action because somebody else is already doing it”, we may lose this war declared on the population by the elites, the corporations, and the governments. DO YOUR PART.

  • Educate yourself;
  • Educate others;
  • Get off the sofa and join those who are already doing something.
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