Dr. McCullough was interviewed by Michael Welch

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Comment: The entire narrative of an alleged “pandemic” is falling apart in front of our eyes. Evidence is emerging in the fields of medicine, statistics, and politics. And yet, there are people in positions of power who push forward the agenda of “measures”, restrictions, and mandatory vaccination, who interpret a flu season as a “Covid-19 wave”, who destroy our herd and cross immunity by prolonging and promoting isolation measures (masks, distancing, lockdowns), who promote and require dangerous jabs as a condition of employment or service.

It is increasingly difficult to believe our politicians, some of our doctors, some of our scientists, some of our public institutions, and some of our corporations. Many of them say that they are enforcing the measures because they “were told to do so”. By doing this, they become complicit in spreading fear campaign that forces many people to believe the narrative and accept the C-19 vaccination. Some of the vaxxed suffer from adverse effects and some die as a result. This is serious, this looks like aiding a crime against humanity, and I am not even talking about lockdowns, collapsing of our economy, and deaths as a result of a paralyzed health care system. This begins to look like a deliberate depopulation policy.

The government of Ontario has revoked the Declaration of Emergency as of June 9, 2021 and passed the implementation of related “measures” onto businesses, employers, hospitals, and schools. It did so a couple of weeks after a legal challenge was filed against it by constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati. Since then, the liability for implementation of unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal restrictions and requirements rests on the shoulders of power hungry municipalities, as well as corporate and public managers who used this opportunity to increase their control over the people and demonstrate to the world how important they are. Now, they are also liable for the results. A real crisis of confidence is looming over medical establishments that take part in this show. Shouldn’t they know better? How can we trust them now? How can we trust their credentials and their honesty? It will take a long time to rebuild and restore their credibility with the public.

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