‘Newsmaker of the year’ Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins Ezra Levant for in-depth interview

[Source and a full screen version]

Comment: It looks like somebody had decided, “The hell with the Constitution, we are taking the law into our own hands because we have the guns”. Yesterday’s video, above, was the reason why Pawlowski was arrested earlier today. It also shows what “conditions” he had breached. He dared to give an interview and express his opinion. Were these conditions constitutional? Under the pretext of enforcing unconstitutional conditions, the police is taking revenge for being called “Nazis” and “Gestapo” – this, in my opinion, is crystal clear. Typical mafia-style reaction. They have forgotten their oath and are “just doing their job”. But the Nuremberg Principles still apply to them and to their superiors, including the judge who wrote the conditions in question.

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