Police on Guard’s 24-Hour Poll

Since March of 2020, we have seen our governments and media drive constant fear regarding Covid-19, while ignoring, discrediting and even delicensing those within the medical/scientific community for correcting the inconsistencies pushed by the main stream.

From never ending lockdowns, to forced masking, and now vaccine mandates with accompanying passports, our governments have arbitrarily removed the charter rights of Canadians without cessation.

As a result, Police On Guard created an anonymous 24-hour poll and shared it across Canada to gauge the temperature of Canadians on these breaches of our rights and sovereignty. /…/

Here is the summary of the results:

1. In general, do you agree with and support the mandates directed by the federal and provincial governments in response to Covid-19 since March 2020?
– Yes 1% (26)
– No 99% (2184)
Skipped: 0, Answered: 2210

2. Do you believe the federal and provincial governments have been fully transparent about the science and data they rely on to implement their mandates and measures pertaining to Covid-19?
– Yes 1% (21)
– No 99% (2167)
Skipped: 22, Answered: 2188

3. Do you agree with enforcing vaccine passports on Canadians?
– Yes 1% (19)
– No 99% (2167)
Skipped: 24, Answered: 2186

4. Do you agree with delicensing doctors, scientists and nurses that are objecting to/speaking out against the official government narrative relating to Cocid-19?
– Yes 2% (40)
– No 98% (2138)
Skipped: 32, Answered: 2178

5. Should there be an official inquiry into government members financial interests relating to Covid-19? (Pharmaceutical companies/Lobbyists/et al)?
– Yes 98% (2136)
– No 2% (38)
Skipped: 36, Answered: 2174

The results of this poll speak for itself. Canadians have had enough and demand accountability, and above all else, the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Stand up! Stand Strong! Stand on Guard!


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