Every Canadian needs to push back against forced vaccinations

Comment: $100 “fine” per month is absolutely unacceptable. $10 per month is unacceptable. $1 per month is unacceptable. I am already paying my taxes when I make money and when I spend my money. In addition, since 2007, I am paying the Ontario Health Premium. On top of that, I am paying nearly $200 per month to my insurance company (I am retired, but most working people also have their insurance through employment or their unions). Plus, there is another angle to this story:

Evidence shows that the vaccinated are also getting sick and being hospitalized. Some evidence suggests that vaccinated are a majority of people getting sick and being hospitalized. But we don’t hear that they should pay an extra “fine” for being sick? Fine for being sick!! In Canada!! Instead, I have to pay for their hospitalization, although I am not sick? You can see that this is a nonsense and the justification doesn’t hold water. Especially, while our local hospitals are not overcrowded. When they are not at the edge of capacity, in spite of underfunding, incompetent “pandemic” policies, and staffing shortages due to vaccine mandates. So, what is the justification for financial “fines”? In my opinion, the reason is crystal clear – they want to vaccinate us all, even if this has nothing to do with public health. There must be another reason. My opinion.


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