An Open Letter To Filomena Tassi (MP) and Sandy Shaw (MPP)

To:  Filomena Tassi, MP      

Sandy Shaw, MPP      
– ,

Members for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas 
* * *

Dear Ms Tassi and Ms Shaw, 

I am writing to you in order to express my anger and disappointment with Covid-related policies that ignore scientific and fact-based opinions of many qualified scientists and doctors. It seems that the policies are based on one side of the story (the official narrative) which has many holes and does not hold water. At the same time, qualified scientists and doctors promoting opposite views are being censored, harassed, and silenced, although their arguments are more convincing and credible.

On behalf of my family, friends, and readers, 

  1. I hereby request that both the Canadian federal government and the provincial government of Ontario refrain from implementing any form of immunization orders or coercion policies that segregate and discriminate against any part of Canadian society. This is un-Canadian, undemocratic, unconstitutional, and totally unacceptable to us;
  2. I am also protesting against any project, program, action, political position, bill, by-law, speech or publication promoting divisive hatred based on vaccination status, especially by the prime minister of Canada, premier of Ontario and/or mainstream media. This is already happening;
  3. I request that politicians consider the benefits of natural and herd or cross immunity as compared to limited and ineffective vaccine-induced immunity;
  4. I request that banned, alternative, and affordable Covid-19 medications and early treatment protocols are allowed and restored in Canada, (e.g.: the use of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and other protocols proven to be effective by medical practitioners). 
  5. I also request that any treatment and/or vaccination is based on informed consent and individual choice, as required by international, national, and provincial laws;
  6. I request that the administration of mRNA vaccines be suspended,
    – until independent and detailed scientific studies are completed under public scrutiny, in Canada, and by Canadian scientific institutions, detailing the composition of applicable mRNA vaccines, all their ingredients, as well as their potential impact on public health and human rights;
    – until the immunity from liability for unintended adverse effects of the mRNA vaccines is lifted;
    – until potential conflict of interest of all officials directing and implementing related policies is fully investigated and made public;
  7. I request that ineffective and damaging lockdowns and other isolation measures (masking, distancing, and quarantines), which destroy our collective herd and cross immunity, be immediately discontinued;
  8. I request that politicians reject any unconstitutional agendas, including the New Normal and the Great Reset, that are being introduced and implemented under the umbrella of the “pandemic”;
  9. I request that the governments implement a full scientific inquiry as well as parliamentary and public debate on the impact of the 5G technology on public health. This technology has also been installed and launched, without any substantive debate, under the cover of the “pandemic”;
  10. I request that international laws and obligations, ratified and signed by Canada, especially those referring to Human Rights, be respected and upheld by the federal and provincial governments;
  11. Above all, I request that the primacy of the Canadian Constitution, (Art. 52), including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, be fully respected and observed by the governments, local authorities, employers and retailers, as well as the health and educational institutions,
  12. Finally, I urge governments and legislators to refrain from unjustified and biased abuses of Art. 33 – The Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter.

Please find a detailed information on relevant issues and concerns in my latest article published here:

With all due respect, I invite you to read this article and reflect on it putting aside political and ideological divisions. This is a national issue, not a party political agenda.
Thank you for your time, interest, and help in these important matters.

Lech Biegalski

January 22, 2022

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