Covid Revealed – Episode 6B – Bonus Video (Kate Dalley)

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Comment: Yes, it’s not a killer-super spreader because it has been ordered, designed, and delivered as “highly infectious” but “replication defective” bioweapon, What does it mean? Think!! You want to target certain communities at specific times but you don’t want it to spread and go out of control. This is what you need, when you create a fake pandemic. Then, you use unreliable tests and you bribe the hospitals, which results in false data that creates fear, you use presstitutes to promote it, you silence independent scientists and doctors, and you outlaw effective medications in order to push the agenda of mandatory injections of something. This is not about public health, this is about something else. That much is obvious to me.

Now, about the hospitals allegedly running at their capacity. I was admitted several times to two largest Hamilton hospitals, both before and after the “pandemic” began. Before, the emergency departments were full of waiting people, there were beds in the hallways, nurses were running from patient to patient, having no time to stop and rest. After the “pandemic started, the situation has changed dramatically. The emergency waiting rooms are empty or almost empty, there are no beds in the hallways, there is a few patients in the emergency department, nurses work normally, even sit at their station and have time to chat with each other, Fewer patients are admitted as less procedures are offered (eg., practically no prevention, no screening, no general surgery anymore).

In addition, I hear that doctors, nurses, and the lab staff were offered bonuses “for the time of the pandemic” that nearly doubled their salaries. Hospitals are paid more for handling Covid cases than for any other patients. No wonder the “pandemic” will last forever. It’s just too good to give up on it.

In this situation, talking about staff shortages does not reveal anything. Maybe some staff were laid off due to lower workloads. Maybe some resigned or were fired because they refused to take the vaccines as a condition of employment. Maybe some resigned fearing Covid infection. Maybe some were fired as a result of their opposition to the “pandemic” narrative and measures. One thing I have witnessed myself, the hospitals are nowhere near their capacity, even nowhere near their patient and work loads from before the “pandemic”. I have seen this with my own eyes and I am still able to think.

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