Alberta’s chief medical officer grilled during civil suit

Alberta provincial health officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw

Alberta provincial health officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw faced her fourth straight day of questioning in an Alberta courtroom on Thursday as an unprecedented civil suit against the province’s COVID restrictions continues. /…/

The suit is one of many currently ongoing against the federal and provincial governments over violations of Charter and other rights under COVID, including travel restrictions, vaccine requirements and lockdowns.

The lawsuit states that the Alberta government had violated rights to peaceful assembly, to travel, to conduct a business to earn a living, to visit family and friends, to have visitors in one’s own private residence and to worship.

“Select individual rights and freedoms have been constitutionalized in this country for a reason,” the JCCF wrote. “Not merely because living in a free society is convenient, because of the recognition that the activities, experiences and endeavours those rights protect are what make life truly worth living.” /…/

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