Corona Investigative Committee Session 101: CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE

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Comment: Shanghai, Hong Kong, China – This policy may be effective today but will be disastrous over a longer period of time. Why? The consequence of total isolation for the Chinese people will be a destruction of their natural herd immunity that needs to be constantly practiced and updated. This is what happened to the First Nations in Americas, where whole villages were wiped out upon the arrival of European merchants and settlers. The Indians did not have any immunity to European diseases because the continents were isolated and their populations did not mix. This policy will open the door for epidemics of various viruses and numerous illnesses, not only to “Covid”. If this is followed by a rigorous and massive vaccination campaign, the effect will be multiplied. It has already been proven by many scientists that vaccines actually weaken our individual natural immunity. When you replace it with artificial injections, then a known phenomenon applies: “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Over time, your body will forget how to respond naturally to foreign pathogens.

I think that the Chinese government is aware of that, so there must be something else going on here. To me, (and I may be wrong), we are witnessing an economic war between China and the United States but the war itself is well scripted. It looks like a controlled conflict. Creating such a chaos in Shanghai and other major cities of China prolongs the paralysis of the supply chains to Western markets. Who is actually spreading the “pandemic” in China is not certain. I think it is the Chinese government. If it were the Americans, we would already have a counter-attack in major American cities. Plus, normal epidemics don’t start in most major cities of such a large country simultaneously.

Consequently, it looks like the goal is to destroy western economies and complete their offshoring, something that was piloted and supported by Western elites and investors since 1990s. Be careful, though. If this is true, we are feeding a dragon. It’s only a matter of time before it turns against its current sponsors.

Please don’t forget that China is now in a very special situation. Given the “hot” conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine, China holds the power and controls its outcome. If it supports Russia, NATO will collapse. Or, we will enter an all-out WW3 scenario – the next phase in NWO and global depopulation agenda. Go figure…

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