Patrick Wood – Crimes against humanity | Part 1 |



Comment: Why are businesses killing their own business? It seems as unreasonable as the support of the new world order agenda by politicians and political parties. Here is my opinion: After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, the first thing we observed in the West was an aggressive counter- offensive of predatory capitalism. Corporations threatened to move south of the border or go international, if politicians did not reduce government regulations that protected the people.

Having privatized the economy, politicians liked the outcome, the new reality with less work, little responsibility, no need for qualifications, and corporate sponsorship of their careers. Faking democracy during the Question Periods and election campaigns wasn’t difficult. In the meantime, destructive policies continued unabated no matter which party won elections and formed governments. What followed was unprecedented monopolization of our markets, the end of consumer protection, and never ending price gouging. People are getting poorer, poverty is quickly spreading in western societies.

All businesses take advantage of this “opportunity”. It is just as smart as climbing a tree and cutting off the branch on which they are sitting. They have forgotten that their customers need money in order to pay for their products and services. Poor people cannot feed investors, the economy or the governments. In a rich country people should be rich to sustain the system. This promise, however, did not materialize. Problems compounded until the house of cards built on the foundation of uncontrolled greed, corruption, incompetence, and primitive stupidity collapsed. It had to. The parasites have killed their host.

This is exactly why the “elites” need a Great Reset, even the small, local elites in cities like Hamilton. Inequality is fueling awareness and revolts. It is impossible to hide the luxury, out-of-town mansions from the eyes of ordinary citizens. Still, the parasites want more, they want it all for themselves. These “resources” include a small batch of genetically controlled slaves. The rest of us are not needed anymore. Traditional industrial era is ending. Employees will be replaced by computers and robots.

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