Exposing ”Vaccine” Lies w/Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada

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Comment: I can only see two possible reasons why our politicians uphold a one-sided narrative, support unscientific “measures”, and push the mass-vaccination agenda. Either they are owned, threatened, blackmailed or bribed by the “elites” whose goal, (aside from a one-world government), is to max up their profits by moving investments to cheaper countries – the consequence being the necessity to destroy Western economies and depopulate the planet, or… they know something that they are not sharing with us because they don’t want to create a global panic, something like the possibility that we may be in a large scale biological war. I know people who had this “virus” twice, and have not fully recovered yet. There are adverse effect that last for months. This “virus” does not act like a traditional, natural virus. It seems that it is preventing infected people from acquiring natural immunity. In addition, the officially recommended testing / treatment / prevention options are different than traditional and time-tested responses to respiratory infections. This isn’t “normal”.

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