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Covid-19 Update #1: More links from Global

Mismanagement of the Covid Crisis: Governments and Their Agencies Are Killing Their Own People? Agenda ID2020: The Diabolical Agenda within the Agenda. “Genetically Modified Humanity” Lancetgate: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to Treat Covid-19 Patients. Why Was this “Monumental Fraud” Not a Huge … Continue reading

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Global Capitalism, “World Government” and the Corona Crisis

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, June 18, 2020 In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power … Continue reading

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IMF and WEF – From Great Lockdown to Great Transformation. The COVID Aftermath

By Peter Koenig Global Research, August 14, 2020 The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Global Reset is being ‘paralleled’ – not challenged – by the IMF. Both are pulling in the same direction, shoveling more assets from the lower echelons to a small elite, through … Continue reading

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How to Create a Fake Pandemic

The game is simple: Run a coordinated simulation of the planned pandemic to tie up any loose ends (Highlights Reel). Engineer the definition of COVID-19 to remain open-ended. Re-designate the symptoms of a bacterial infection, the flu, or something as simple as an … Continue reading

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THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

Video: The Great Reset: Covid-19 and the WEF Plan to Impose A New World Order – (A Must See and Must Read!) My comment:  Here is my “conspiracy theory”, and I am just being careful. In fact, I believe that … Continue reading

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Trump Holds Press Briefing After Announcement on Israel-UAE Peace Deal

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Six Questions an Honest, Intelligent Reporter Would Ask Dr. Fauci About COVID-19

By Stacey Lennox PJ Media Dr. Anthony Fauci – Photo: Erin Scott/Pool via AP If you had been going down the rabbit hole of COVID-19 research for long enough, a few things would be astounding to you. First, how uninformed, uncurious, … Continue reading

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Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating COVID-19: Europe’s Top Health Officials

The top medical experts in the world can’t decide if masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19 or just make things worse. By Jon Miltimore From left to right: Professor Henning Bundgaard, Tamara van Ark, Anders Tegnell | … Continue reading

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Covid-19 and the “Greater Economic Depression” Exceeding the 1930s: Unemployment Armageddon

By Stephen Lendman Global Research The COVID-19 crisis at a time of deteriorating economic conditions caused what in hindsight may be known as a Greater Depression — exceeding the worst of the 1930s. For 20 straight weeks, new claims for … Continue reading

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The COVID 2nd Wave Will Tear Our Communities Apart

By: Stewart Brennan Alternative Views When the new flu season arrives in autumn 2020, our western governments and mainstream news media are preparing to go into overdrive and declare (without evidence) that the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is … Continue reading

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“Conspiracy Theory” – What Is It?

By Peter Koenig Global Research Being blamed for disseminating “conspiracy theories” and therefore being a “conspiracy theorist”, is an extraordinary and smart tactic used by the true conspirators against the truth seekers. It works most of the time with often more … Continue reading

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