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Protection of Dundas Valley Deer and Ecosystem Neglected by Officials

Dundas Valley Deer in the Spring. Pixel bending technique. Photo: Lech Biegalski (Click on the picture to see the 1200 x 800 pixels version. Click  HERE to see the 2400 x 1600 pixels version.) The white-tailed deer, a unique feature of Dundas Valley, deserve our … Continue reading

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Paris to Ancaster Bike Race – coming soon…

2014 P2A race (Sharps Lane) – (Click to enlarge) – Photo: L.B. “For over a century the roads of northern Europe have been home to the toughest bicycle races in the world. The most famous of these, Paris to Roubaix, takes … Continue reading

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Good Friday Road Race, Ancaster, April 3, 2015

Short iPhone video taken by Lech B. near the Ancaster Fairgrounds PM Races (Master 2 Men, Elite 1-2 Women, and Elite 3 & Junior Men): Video taken from the bicycle by Sebastian Zdyb, Midweek Cycling Club AM Race (Master 3 Men):

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Beautiful Dundas on a cold December morning…

Photo: Lech Biegalski You are welcome to keep and use this picture: View and download smaller version  (640 x 960 pixels) View and download larger version (1600 x 2400 pixels)

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Thinkers, writers, conservationists meet to discuss formalized land ethic for Canada at Speak to the Wild

By Faisal Moola, Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada In early September, some of Canada’s leading writers, conservationists and scientists, including some from the David Suzuki Foundation, met near Wells Gray Provincial Park two hours north of Kamloops, B.C., to … Continue reading

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Christie Lake Conservation Area must retain its character

Commercialization “We have to pay our bills”, is the answer. Last summer, a poster was placed near the entrance to the Christie Lake Conservation Area informing the users that access to the area surrounding the beach and beach pavilions was to … Continue reading

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The “Nanfan Treaty” – legal considerations

Part 3 – (Last updated on October 18, 2014) Is the “Nanfan Treaty” legally valid? Does the 1701 “Conveyance of lands by the Native American Chiefs of the Five Nations” constitute a valid treaty between the Crown and the Indians? Do the … Continue reading

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Gas Prices around Dundas, Ontario

“As of this morning, gas prices around Dundas have dropped by an average of 12%. This is a result of a drop in global oil prices to a 47-month low. The global price of oil now stands at $84 per … Continue reading

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Blood Moon in Dundas Valley

Lunar Eclipse, October 8, 2014, around 5:30 a.m.: Picture taken from the hill near the main entrance to the DVCA at 650 Governor’s Road (Photo: L. Biegalski)

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In Defence of Life – Standing Up Against The Lust for Culling Wildlife

By Lesley Docksey Early in 2013 I thought I had reached a low point as I reacted to the way the animal-loving British elite happily slaughtered anything that got in its way. The most visible sign of its lust for … Continue reading

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No Treaty with Six Nations Shown on Map to be Used in All Ontario Schools: A Can of Worms Opened?

By: Deyoyonwatheh (DeYo) Six Nations – Haldimand Tract – Beliefs versus Facts Issues Concerning the Publication of a Map of Indian Land Treaties in Ontario: In “Turtle Island News” (TIN), May 14, 2014, p.4 is an article entitled, Feds Ontario … Continue reading

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Hamilton Conservation Authority destroys Dundas Valley trails

(Click on picture to enlarge) In my letter to the editor, “Why the change to Dundas Valley trails?“, published in the Hamilton Spectator on May 28, 2014, I wrote: Up until last year, the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) was able … Continue reading

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Paris to Ancaster Bike Race 2014

On Sunday April 27, Dundas Valley hosted the final stretches of the Paris to Ancaster Bike Race. The main event, Paris to Ancaster, was 63.2 km long. It included sections of rail trails, farm lanes, gravel and paved roads, double track, and … Continue reading

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You cannot give a better title than the one you have

The Nanfan “Treaty” of 1701 Does NOT Give Six Nations People Special Hunting, Fishing and Consultation Rights in Ontario By: Deyoyonwatheh (DeYo) Six Nations – Haldimand Tract – Beliefs versus Facts If one believes in the maxim that one cannot … Continue reading

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“Conveyance of lands by the Native American Chiefs of the Five Nations”

Part 2 The original “Nanfan Treaty” document, the “Conveyance of  lands by the Native American Chiefs of the Five Nations” – (The Albany Deed of 19 July  1701), is held at the National Archives in Kew, Surrey, England. The back (reverse) of … Continue reading

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