Update 2: The lights – how do they work and what do they do?

All lights are now working and being used. Unfortunately, since they have been installed and implemented, the deer stopped feeding in the Sanctuary Park. They used to come here at night, when there was no human or dog traffic. This is exactly the time, when the lights are now turned on. The deer are scared of the lights and are afraid to enter the area.

Powerful flood lights facing North…

 …and a single, bright light facing East, (the “security light”):

 Before 11:00 p.m., all three lights are on: one bright light, facing east, located on the eastern wall of the washroom facility and two strong flood lights, facing north, located above the NE corner of the facility’s roof:

(In all night pictures on this page, exposure was affected by the bright lights facing the camera. Therefore, the coverage of light on the ground appears much smaller than it is in reality. For example, in the real scene shown in the picture above, you can actually clearly see the soccer net and the trees behind the ice rink as well as the details on the snow in front of the camera.)

 After 11:00 p.m., the double flood light is turned off but the single, bright light facing east stays on all night:

The double flood light is turned on till 11:00 p.m. This light faces North and covers almost the entire lower soccer field, the entire area north and east of it, as well as the area between the lower soccer field and the far net of the upper soccer field – (the coverage marked in blue, in Picture 4, below).

The single bright light on the east side of the washroom facility is turned on all night. This light faces East and covers most of the lower soccer field and the area east of it – (the coverage marked in yellow, in Picture 4, below).

Pic. 4 – Sanctuary Park. Coverage of artificial lighting. (Click HERE to enlarge)

The above picture clearly shows that, together, the lights and the ice rink cover all the entrance points and feeding spots that the deer used to use for winter feeding. It explains, beyond any doubt, why the deer have completely stopped feeding in the Sanctuary Park. It just couldn’t be worse.

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