Update 4: More deer are forced to feed in the streets

(Last night) – Deer in large numbers are beginning to feed along the Pleasant Avenue, between Skyline Drive and Green Meadow Way.

At 3:15 a.m., while driving through the area, we saw 14 deer feeding in the front yards or walking in the middle of the streets. On Skyline Drive, a scared, crossing deer ran less than one meter from the front bumper of our car. She appeared suddenly from behind a car parked on the street. We missed her by inches.

There were still no deer in the Sanctuary Park, where they used to feed at this time in previous years. Due to the altered site at Sanctuary, more deer are forced to feed on the surrounding streets . This creates a potentially dangerous situation,  both for the drivers and for the deer. There will be more accidents and more deer are going to be killed.

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