More on the "light pollution"

The new lights are “spilling” into the surrounding area. They create a problem that Shari Faulkenham, the Ecologist with the Dundas Valley Conservation Authority, called a “light pollution.” Here is what she wrote in her email addressed to us and to the City officials:

“For the City staff included on this email, the use of non-directional, unshielded lighting for the rink does not implement best management practices for the prevention of light pollution into a significant natural area, which has been well-documented to have an impact on wildlife behaviour.  It is my recommendation to the City to correct this lighting issue so that light is not unnecessarily spilling into the adjacent forest areas and impacting wildlife resources in the conservation lands surrounding Sanctuary Park.”

We were finally able to adjust the exposure of our camera in order to take more accurate night pictures that better reflect the coverage of artificial lights at the Sanctuary Park. We did not use the flash. Here are the results:

The first picture shows the position of the camera and the direction in which the pictures, that follow, were taken. 


The last picture, below, shows the only deer that approached the park. It came from the south, entered the bushes located between the Rail Trail and the playground, stayed there for a few minutes, and went back to the forest. It did not enter the park.

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