Summary update on outstanding issues

magnifyIt’s July 2nd and I have not yet received any meaningful replies from my MPP Ted McMeekin, Mayor of Hamilton Fred Eisenberger, or Ward 13 Councillor Arlene VanderBeek regarding construction projects in environmentally sensitive areas of Dundas Valley, violation of construction permit limits, lack of law enforcement, and possible corruption in issuing and implementing building permits. These issues should be investigated and taken care of but, unfortunately, officials responsible for enforcing rules and policies are not willing to help. Why? Are they part of the corrupted system?

Detailed research and historical evidence have not prompted our politicians and administrators to take action, correct wrong policies, and finally address the fraudulent (non-existing) Nanfan Treaty and the alleged hunting rights of the Haudensaunee (Six Nations) Indians. The annual hunt in Dundas Valley continues, even though the alleged deer overpopulation is no longer true. Other agendas must exist that prevent our system from correcting its own errors.

Public use of our conservation lands continues to be compromised by fencing off and renting out the most popular spot of Christie Lake Conservation Area to corporate entities in order to “pay the bills.” This being the case, it would serve the public better, if the Hamilton Conservation Authority discontinued its existence and returned the lands to the Crown. Free public use of the current conservation areas and other recreational facilities should be restored under the supervision of the city’s Parks Department and/or the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Incompetent management of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area continues to destroy the Dundas Valley trail network. Crushed rock and coarse gravel are layered on top of natural, clean, and beautiful hard-packed dirt that was ideal for walking, running, and cycling, and much nicer for aesthetics. Our conservation areas now feature asphalt roads, fences, and dirty gravel lanes.

Old friendships don’t rust, either. With the arrival of the current HCA CAO, a man formerly involved in running a local horse farm, the horseback riding in Dundas Valley Conservation Area has taken on a new dimension. As if crushed rock and coarse gravel were not enough, our beautiful trails are now decorated with an obstacle course made up of piles of stinking horse manure. We really need a new management and competent leadership at the Hamilton Conservation Authority. We need to restore the original mission of the HCA and its effective implementation. True conservation of the ecosystem and wildlife, and dedicated protection of the area FOR THE PUBLIC, and not for corporations or horseback riding buddies, need to become a priority, again.

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