What Lies Ahead: Permanent Job Losses, Poverty in America, Financial and Political Instability

Senator William McMaster resting at the McMaster University grounds

By Dr Jack Rasmus

The US economy at mid-year 2020 is at a critical juncture. What happens in the next three months will likely determine whether the current Great Recession 2.0 continues to follow a W-shape trajectory—or drifts over an economic precipice into an economic depression. With prompt and sufficient fiscal stimulus targeting US households, minimal political instability before the November 2020 elections, and no financial instability event, it may be contained. No worse than a prolonged W-shape recovery will occur. But should the fiscal stimulus be minimal (and poorly composed), should political instability grow significantly worse, and a major financial instability event erupt in the US (or globally), then it is highly likely a descent to a bona fide economic depression will occur.

The prognosis for a swift economic recovery is not all that positive. Multiple forces are at work that strongly suggest the early summer economic ‘rebound’ will prove temporary and that a further decline in jobs, consumption, investment, and the economy is on the horizon.

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Comment: An important article for everyone, as it affects jobs, education, markets (including housing), health care, place of residence, holidays, travelling, etc.

Considering other developments, that are happening simultaneously, the whole “pandemic” begins to look like a script designed to hide and ride the recession, and to justify the price that society has to pay for decades of economic mismanagement, political corruption, monopolization, and criminal transfer of public property and public funds to private pockets of the corporate elites. This also explains why some industries seemed to take advantage of the “pandemic” to close or limit their operations, although other similar industries have not.

More questions: what is the real purpose of social distancing or the close-down of medical doctors’ offices, and why the medical labs are not allowed to run tests for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies? Why the governments do not publish statistical data comparing the total number of deaths in the first six months of 2020 to the same data in previous years?

I am afraid that unmasked and forced to defend their loot, the global elites will release a real virus to justify the recession and to make more money on mandatory vaccines. Trust is what I don’t have for these people, so I am not excluding the possibility of deliberate depopulation policy, if this will allow them to maximize their profits.

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