What Do You Know About Masks?

The question above is not a joke. Most available masks and all masks made by people at home are ineffective against viruses. Additionally, they are not healthy, they are bad for you. They cut your oxygen intake by 10 – 15%. They collect your germs that you then breath in over and over, instead of breathing fresh air. They require frequent replacement and most people wear the same mask until the mask looks like garbage. Most people wear their masks improperly, either below their noses, or leaving gaps on both sides of their noses, in which case they breath through these gaps, not through the mask. Think about it, when your glasses fog up, while you are wearing a mask. Finally, the masks are not cheap, they are rather expensive, if you were to put on a new mask every two hours. It would be interesting to know who is profiting from importing and distributing masks in Canada and in Ontario.

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