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What happened to “our” chemtrails?

Did you notice? The summer of 2017 was chemtrails-free. Or, at least of the visible, daytime chemtrails. Early in the year, they disappeared from the blues skies but still were hunting us at night. Then, they were gone for good. … Continue reading

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Make your vote count for nature

Dear friend If you haven’t seen them yet, you will soon! Your local federal election candidates will be coming to your door, calling you at home or standing at an intersection, asking for your vote on October 19th. Why not … Continue reading

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Maclean’s National Leaders Debate 2015

Watch the full debate on YouTube:¬† Mr. Prime Minister, if “incomes have been growing in this country“, then why is the standard of living of most Canadian families¬†declining? I can tell you why. You and your government have deregulated … Continue reading

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