Questions about the Pandemic

Never has a pandemic or epidemic come back in waves in the middle of summer, in all Western countries at exactly the same time, simultaneously. And here we are, “the wave” is back in the US, in Canada, in Europe, and in Australia, during the same week – as if ordered and promptly executed – although travel is suspended or reduced and contacts between continents are limited. This alone causes suspicion about the pandemic. Curiously, it has come back mainly through leftist media and in areas controlled by leftist governments. It looks like a bogus script with far-reaching goals that are unrelated to health and imposed on our consciousness by fear-mongering propaganda. Unfortunately, many people do not question the “news” and willingly follow imposed on them restrictions.

Is the “pandemic” real?

I see no evidence of a “pandemic”. The coronavirus, one of many flu viruses, has been with us since 2003. The virus may be here but the “pandemic” is not. If there was a real pandemic, people would drop and die all around us. Neither I, nor any of my friends, know directly of any validated cases of death caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus and the Covid-19 flu. Instead, we see it in the news only and we hear stories about strange procedures diagnosing the causes of death, where some complications and other conditions are deemed and recorded as “Covid-19”.  Many statements to that effect by doctors, nurses and various specialists in the field of virology can be found in public domain.

Untimely reactions

When Ontario and the City of Hamilton were in “the middle of the pandemic” or in Stage 2 of reopening the economy, we were not required to wear masks in most of our stores. On July 20, the City of Hamilton introduced By-law 20-155 requiring masks in a number of business categories but 4 days later, on July 24, Hamilton and large parts of Ontario were transferred to Stage 3. The restrictions in our local grocery stores increased, instead of decreasing. Somebody isn’t thinking? Somebody is panicking? Somebody wants to show how compliant they are? Or is this some “secret agenda” of people who want to prolong the crisis in order to benefit from it (for example, by importing and selling more masks)?

In some apartment buildings, all of a sudden, tenants are now required to wear masks in common areas, although earlier they were not required to do so.

This is being presented as the City of Hamilton By-law 20-155, but it is a misinformation. The City of Hamiton webpage ( ) under the heading “Information for Public”  – “Face coverings in multi-unit housing, “clearly states:

“Face coverings are not required in common areas of apartment buildings and condominiums, such as in lobbies, elevators and laundry rooms, if the front doors are locked and visitors ‘buzz in’ for entry. If the area is ordinarily open to the public, a face covering is required.”

Again, are we dealing with panic, with incompetence, or with something more than that?

P.S.: After I brought this information to the attention of the landlord/owner of my apartment building, as well as to the attention of my MP and my MPP for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas riding, the above regulation was changed overnight to:

“Face coverings are not required in common areas of apartment buildings and condominiums, such as in lobbies, elevators and laundry rooms, if the front doors are locked and visitors ‘buzz in’ for entry. If the area is ordinarily open to the public, a face covering is required. Face coverings are recommended whenever physical distancing cannot take place such as lobbies, stairwells, elevators, shared bathrooms and laundry rooms. Residential building owners or condo boards may choose to implement their own policies within their buildings.”

So much for “the law” – there is no law, if everybody can establish their own rules and if the law may change overnight, following an obvious intervention by a landlord or a politician. Why is the City spending public money on something like this? Aren’t city by-laws supposed to be debated, voted for, and made by the City Council collectively? How could this happen overnight? And why are landlords presenting “their own policies” under the City of Hamilton logo, as a City of Hamilton By-law? Isn’t this a forgery?


There are many questions about the so called “pandemic”. Here are some examples:

–  Why the governments don’t allow medical laboratories to conduct tests for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies? Such tests exist and I would pay for one out of my own pocket. Is it because such test would allow people to confirm that they did not have Covid-19? Or that they have developed their own immunity and, therefore, don’t need a vaccine?

–  Why is the use of hydroxychloroquine, an effective and low-cost remedy to fight coronavirus, suppressed?

–  Why are reliable statistics not published on the total number of people who died between January 1 and June 30, 2020, so that people can compare this data with previous years’ data? Instead, we are told that in Canada 84% of Covid-19 deaths occurred in nursing and retirement homes, places where the death rate has always been higher than in the rest of the society, as old people die more often than young people and have more health complications.

–  Why are all the symptoms of all seasonal flu, colds, stomach upsets, pleuritis, pneumonia, diarrhea, migraine, runny nose, and many other “normal” illnesses, that people regularly suffer from every year, listed under the heading “Symptoms of Covid-19”,  although, reportedly, about 85% of those infected with the coronavirus do not experience any symptoms? What kind of “pandemic” has no symptoms?

–  Why are doctors and nurses forbidden to speak in public and in the media about the situation related to the so-called “pandemic”? Why are the views of scientists and specialists, (e.g. in microbiology), who have a different opinion from the officially binding line, suppressed and not being published?

–  Why were simulations of such a pandemic and work on such a virus (in the US and China) carried out in 2019 and earlier, and work was  often undertaken jointly, not separately? For example, in 2018, a known group of 15 scientists, working at University of South Carolina in Chaperhill, published their findings in their “Gain of Function” studies, with respect to corona viruses. Gain of function relates to arming viruses and is usually performed to develop and produce bioweapons. This group included one Chinese scientist who later worked at the Wuhan Laboratory in China.

–  Why the international race to develop, produce and distribute Covid-19 vaccine is profit-driven? Isn’t this a state of higher emergency, when the response should only have one goal – that of helping the population and the economy recover from the “pandemic”, rather than to profit from it?

–  Why is Bill Gates funding and practically running the World Health Organization, which, as part of the United Nations, is a public organization? Why is he investing in pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines? Why is he allowed to have so much influence, after he had openly argued that depopulation was necessary and vaccines were the best way to achieve this goal? Why is he allowed to have such influence despite the tragic results of his vaccine trials in some Third World countries?

–  Why are the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms being violated by introducing restrictions and, possibly, mandatory vaccinations? Why are people being forced to buy and wear ineffective masks that most wear incorrectly, that do not protect against viruses, that pose multiple health risks to those who wear them?

–  Why are physicians barred from seeing their patients at the time, when their services are most needed? Why patients do not have access to doctors at the time, when such access could prove that there is no pandemic? At the same time, lack of access to regular medical services results in health risks, complications, and unnecessary medical problems among the population.

–  In Germany (doctors and scientists) and in Canada (a constitutional lawyer) attempt to sue the governments for illegal decisions related to the so-called “pandemic”. Why are our intelligence agencies and our RCMP not taking similar actions?

The vaccination

P.S .: I got the following comment from one of my Polish readers:

Your evaluation of the pandemic is controversial and ambiguous. Listening to experts, however, there is no doubt about the necessity and advisability of administering vaccines.

I agree. There are only two issues remaining – the credibility of these “companies” in the face of the existing and admitted depopulation policy (especially of the elderly, whose pensions must be paid by governments). Also, mandatory vaccination at a time when medical labs are not allowed to conduct tests for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies. Why? What is the government afraid of? That people will find out the truth about the “pandemic”?

Over 80% of the Covid-19 cases experience light or no symptoms. No symptoms? Then what kind of illness is this? People who defeated the virus by themselves have developed their own immunity. They do not need a vaccine. You could say, “Yes, but if the virus mutates, their old immunity will not stop it.” True, but a vaccine will not protect you against new mutations of the virus, either.

It seems to me that the only reason for mass mandatory vaccination worldwide are the tremendous expected profits of the pharmaceutical companies and their clients in the media and in national or local governments. This is why they push mandatory vaccination. (I am not going to speculate on the possibility of depopulation policies, but I believe such  policies to be possible and even likely.)

Pandemic as instrument of change

Some corporations are taking advantage of the “pandemic” to downsize – to lay off employees and reduce their operations. They seem to be moving towards restructuring for economic reasons that have nothing to do with the health of their customers and their employees. Is this a sign of a serious economic crisis? Skyrocketing prices of gold seem to confirm such possibility.

There also is a question about the ultimate goal. Some speculations appear in social media and independent media outlets suggesting that the pandemic is to justify a deliberate global economic meltdown, which then will serve as an excuse for economic “reset” and transition to the “new order” and one world government. It is not entirely impossible, given the documented quotes of known personalities.

Examples of nonsense local decisions:

You may be wondering how you’ll enjoy a beverage or your lunch in a restaurant while being required to wear a mask indoors (?)

Why in Fortinos near me only one entrance is open, forcing people to line up in one, long line and then walk through the entire store to the other end (and back), if this is where they want to do their shopping? Why not to unload this traffic and spread it more effectively by reducing the time and space you need to walk inside the store, while following or passing other shoppers?

Why in the same huge Fortinos supermarket employees use a police tape and force all customers to line up to the checkouts – indoors and in one line? As a result, people are slowly moving in the “tunnel” of air exhaled by all the people lined up in front of them? Wouldn’t it be better to do what they do at Metro stores, where people randomly approach the cashiers from different directions?

Fortinos, are you trying to spread the pandemic, instead of reducing and minimizing the risk to your customers?

I have described a controversial decision of the Hamilton Conservation Authority HERE.

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